The Customer Experience Trends to Watch in 2022


The digital age has changed the way consumers and brands interact. Customers now expect convenient experiences that serve them the products and services they want when they want them. 

Doing things like working with iPhone app developers to create awesome apps for your business and building a social media presence are already necessities for so many businesses. If you want to keep up, you need to do more than just what is necessary – you need to stay current with the latest customer experience trends, and if you want to be sure that your customers are enjoying their experience with your business then consider using a B2B Customer Feedback software. 

In this post, you will read about the top customer experience trends for 2022.


Customers are coming to expect increasing levels of personalization with each year. It is not enough to just add their names to some communications and maybe let them personalize some features on their own. Today’s customers want brands to recognize their needs and respond to them in real-time. Customers want recommendations that match with the things they want and they want to feel like they are really known and seen by the brands they buy from. With different machine learning tools, it is possible for businesses to offer this level of personalization.

The Digital-First Experience

Most businesses have already deployed a range of digital assets to connect with consumers. What many businesses fail to recognize is that assets like websites, apps and social media pages are not just nice things to have, they are now vital for reaching modern customers. When today’s consumer needs a product or service, they open their phone before doing anything. That means the digital-first customer experience has to take priority. Even beyond that, brands need to consider the need for a true omni-channel experience. Having all of these digital assets is good, but they need to offer a seamless experience for your customers. You can view it now to learn more.

AR and VR

With consumers starting to value experiences as much as they value the products and services they buy, brands need to look for ways to offer the most impactful experience they can. With technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality, you can create immersive experiences that will get the attention of customers. These technologies can be used to showcase products in virtual environments, deliver immersive branded content, teach them valuable information and more. If you are looking for ways to set your brand apart, VR and AR have a lot of potential.

Smart Products and Services

Smart technology is everywhere. From the phones we carry everywhere we go to the digital assistants in our homes and AI-driven home appliances, it is hard to get away from this tech trend. If you are going to meet the expectations of today’s consumers, you are going to need to get in on this trend. Whether it is developing smart products or using AI to create smarter services, customers want products that can offer intelligent features.

Brands With Values

Modern consumers are also starting to expect the brands they shop with to align with their values. Whether it is the environment or social issues, people want to feel like they are shopping with businesses that are doing some good in the world. Just looking at one recent report, about 71% of consumers say they prefer to shop with businesses that reflect their values. Those numbers also increase as you look at younger demographics. 

A Direct Connection

Under conventional models, you might have any number of intermediaries between your business and its customers. Whether it is retailers, distributors, wholesalers or any other step between you and the customer, it makes for a less direct connection between the brand and the buyer. In the modern marketplace, most customers want to have a more direct connection. This is where online channels can be great for creating direct channels for your brand and its customers to connect and do business.

Subscription Selling

Many customers have moved past just buying a product or service one time or on an as-needed basis. For so many products and services, they want to purchase a plan that allows them to continue having access to a service whenever they want it or to get a continued supply of a product. This can be a great opportunity for brands because the subscription model offers a way to develop predictable revenue while also deepening the ties between the brand and the consumer.

Customers expect more from the businesses they shop with than they ever did in the past. Much of this is reflected in the developing trends for customer experience. Adopting at least some of these trends will be vital for brands that want to have success today and in the future. In addition, if you need a tool to measure the loyalty of customers to a company, then you need NPS, a metric used in customer experience programmes.

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