The Delivery through Shadowfax

Shadowfax Tracking API

The shadowfax label online is the most trusted demand based logistics system that helps in offering high tech solutions for the ecommerce retailers and other offline retailers. They are one of the fastest growing B2B companies all over the world. They help in delivering trust and excellence. They help in executing the services with an aim in mind to connect people and products in the fastest, simplest and smoothest possible mannerisms. Following are some of the services provided by the company:

  • Hyper local services: these help in instant deliveries that involve time periods of 30-90 minutes. There is online tracking system that will help to deliver the things in the shortest possible time and makes the whole thing fast, smooth and safe. Usually these are food, grocery and pharmacy deliveries. There is usage of advanced technology so that the needs of the customers are highly satisfied and they are given smooth deliveries.
  • Intra city services: these are the same day deliveries in a particular city. The company uses its advanced technologies to provide services to the people so that they are satisfied and get products wanted by them on time. The company has huge presence all over the nation and is still expanding its length and breadth all over. This technology can be practically used by all businesses to solve their issues and satisfy their customers.
  • Inter city services: these are the next day services that can help in delivering the good intercity. The speed is the key in such services. This is the thing which will help any company to become a champion in the sector. The company offers a range of services so that the goods are delivered in the best possible time and manner. The main things included in this are kirana, forward logistics and air and rail freight. The technology is very much supportive and helps to provide the services in the best possible manners and satisfy the customers.

Following are some of the categories which help in achieving the goals of the company. They have been mentioned as follows:

  • Food delivery: the company is always at service to cater to the needs of its hungry customers. The technology enables the things to reach in the best possible time from the kitchen of the hotels to the places of the consumers.
  • Medicines delivery: the company guarantees 90 minutes delivery to the people in such cases. It helps to make the whole process hassle free and provides the most innovative logistics. The company has a wide network of delivery partners. These services are very much affordable and reliable.
  • Grocery: gone are the days when one has to spend hours at stores. Now one can very well order the grocery by sitting at own places only. The company also guarantees a 90 minute delivery in such cases. These are available for stores and shops of all sizes.
  • Ecommerce deliveries: the company also provides marketplace and warehouse pickups and provides multi road connectivity to all the stores.

Shadowfax Tracking API includes great well-known brands and helps in achieving the goals well on time.

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