Top 7 Tourist Attractions in Kingston?


Kingston is nestled on the island’s south-eastern coast and is the capital city of Jamaica. If you are looking forward to touring this city, then follow this article to gain some of the most authentic sites in this amazing city.

We recommend you to trip the city and lookup for some of the authentic attractions that allure major tourists all around the year. This famous city owns some fun-filled places, various historic sites, museums, and natural beauties that include mountains, beautiful waterfronts, lush green parks, waterfalls, and many other attractions.

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Read the entire content to know beautiful places in this city-

Somerset Falls

Somerset falls have been the most beautiful place in this city offering panoramic views to witness from these falls. Watch out for the neighboring Hidden Falls and the famous cave-like grotto. Come here to enjoy swimming and a boat ride under the falls. This place also offers some water sports too like diving and others. Tour this place to capture exotic sights of animals such as deer.

Fort Henry National Historic Site

Fort Henry National Historic Site is snuggled in Point Henry between the harbor of Cataraqui River and Kingston harbor. Reach this famous fort that dates back to the 19th-century British military fortress which has been listed among the UNESCO World Heritage status.

Canada’s Penitentiary Museum

Canada’s Penitentiary Museum is a famed museum positioned at the birthplace of Canada. This famous site is within Cedaredge having preserved the history of federal prisons. This site is an award-winning museum, so, come here to explore this exciting museum and learn more about the city’s ancient history. 

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Kingston Waterfront

Kingston Waterfront offers a stunning 1000 Islands within it. Reach this site via a bus tour to this waterfront that provides a free boat ride for the Wolfe Island Ferry. You will be provided with a glimpse of the turquoise clear water view, a calm and immense peaceful, tranquil view to be captured. 

Martello Alley 

Martello Alley is a perfect place to devote your holidays and exhibit local art from numerous artists worldwide. Reach this popular site if you are an art enthusiast, and explore this art gallery while looking for some unique artwork. Enjoy this fantastic art gallery which includes collective works and other faithful artwork including various classical artists in this gallery and provides low-budget shopping.

Wolfe Islander III.

Wolfe Islander III is a fantastic place to explore in this fun-filled place which is a must-visit place to be visited with kids. Come here to enjoy the ferry riding, or relish the rolling, streaming water waves and running waves in this area. You will love this famous destination which is located in the city’s heart and can be accessed while crossing in 20 minutes. Enjoy windmills, charming houses, shops, etc.

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Blue mountains

The Blue Mountains magnetizes millions of tourists every year and are one of the most visited places in the city. This site is away from the dull closed packed spots and reaches this mountain that is the most extended mountain range among the dense tropical forest of Kingston. Explore the beauty of the diversity of flora and lookup for the waving bamboo tree and the tropical trees enhancing the attractiveness of the mountains.

National Heroes Park

National Heroes Park is a botanical garden that is the most important open space in Kingston. The garden is a great place in a total area of 50 acres and is included in one of the most beautiful monuments. Visit this garden that has been the burial site of Prime Ministers, the famous National Heroes, and cultural leaders. 

1000 Island Boat Cruise

1000 Island Boat cruise is a waterway near Kingston, which is the Thousand Islands and the Saint Lawrence River that are historically very important and attractive places to discover from the water. There are a variety of different boat tours and some are quick while others are the whole day. 

Princess Street

Princess Street is the place to do shopping. Come to this Princess Street which is a very long street situated right through downtown all the way to the waterfront. Reach this Downtown Princess Street which is also on a hill that suitably slopes down to the water. Princess is a great place to visit as there are loads of shops on the street. You will have local businesses selling things like food, artisan crafts, and clothing, and various other things.

Classic Kingston Pub

Classic Kingston Pub is one of the best places to check out The Iron Duke in Wellington, Red House, or Tir Nan Og to get started on your journey. If you want to enjoy great beer, the great rich history, great food, and great places then come to this famous place. Come to this site to watch the Jack Astor’s right downtown that has a huge rooftop patio overlooking the Springer Market Square.

Fort Henry

Fort Henry is Canada’s military history and one of the most important sites. This Fort Henry is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is definitely a stop to make when visiting Kingston. Visit Fort Henry which is actually part of a greater historical site which is famous as the Kingston Fortifications National Historic Site. You will find this Fort Henry, which is one of the historic sites and includes the Shoal Tower right by the waterfront downtown, the famous Murney Tower, and the tower/walls of Fort Frederick.

So, people try to travel to this city, Kingston, which is well-known for preserving traditional and cultural values. So, plan a trip with your family to drop into this city with spirit airlines reservations and relish the wonderful attractions in this splendid city.

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