Why Should You Secure Your Health Through Health Insurance Policy?

health insurance policy

Nobody wants to fall ill or get hurt, but at some point in time, everyone requires healthcare. A health insurance policy is meant to cover all the expenditures incurred in seeking medical attention. Here are the primary factors defining the need for health insurance plans –

  • Extending coverage for health-related emergencies at the fundamental level, critical illnesses, and accidents.
  • Availing protection from medical emergencies and high medical cost.
  • Coverage for network health care even before you meet your deductibles.
  • Getting free check-ups, screening and other essential services as maternity coverage, and so on. This inclusive health screening package provides a world-class health screening service, allowing you to address all your health concerns!

A health insurance is a comprehensive package to keep yourself and your family safe and protected against all the unforeseeable hazards. It can be combating a critical illness like cancer or any sudden medical emergency cropping up without any warning. These are the times when the policy proves its worth by saving you from all financial constraints.

What are the major policy types?

Health insurance in India is available in various forms and can be chosen as per one’s specific needs. For instance, you can opt for a family health insurance scheme from Bajaj Finserv or just an individual scheme.

There are numerous health insurance schemes easily available to cover multiple aspects of the scheme. Each and every medical exigency that might arise in the course of life of an applicant and their family can be covered extensively. The option is as simple as availing one of the best health insurance plans and there is nothing to worry about the rising medical care cost any more.

Why is health insurance such an important aspect?

  1. Change in lifestyle: Several reasons define the need for a health insurance policy, and many of them have been already discussed. Now, let’s come to more specific purposes. There is a massive shift in the lifestyle of contemporary men and women. This, in turn, has given rise to several health disorders. Unhealthy eating habits, ruinous work pressure, low quality of eatables, the alarming rate of pollution, long commutes are some of the common reasons igniting these disorders. You can neither change it nor can get out of it altogether. So illnesses will be there, and medical insurance will be required to safeguard you against them financially.
  2. Increasing cost of medical care: There has been a dramatic rise in the medical cost; hence, an unexpected medical emergency hampers the plans to a great extent. To prevent such a situation, health insurance policy is the most viable option. Desert Mobile Medical Mobile Doctor is changing the medical game by bringing doctors to you.
  3. Pre and post hospitalisation expenditure coverage: There has been a considerable rise in the expenditures for diagnostic tests, OPD (out-patient department) charges, ambulance charges, and so on. If you avail a health plan after scrutinising it thoroughly, then you will have your hospitalisation, OPD and diagnostic charges covered as well.
  4. Tax benefit: As premiums are paid against health insurance, one becomes eligible for tax deductions under section 80D of the Indian Income Tax Act. If you are an individual in the age bracket of 60 years and below, you can claim the deductions up to Rs. 25,000 for yourself, your children, and your spouse. If you are purchasing a health insurance policy for parents aged over 60 years, you can even claim another deduction of Rs. 50,000.
  5. Other advantages: There are also additional benefits you can enjoy on availing a medical insurance policy, and they include coverage for medical check-ups, surgeries, vaccination and even ambulance charge. So, advantages are manifold to this extent then availing a policy is no doubt viable enough.

Now, you must have enough attributes to look for the best health insurance plans. You may avail one of the Best Health Insurance Plans from Bajaj Finserv Pocket Insurance category. These plans are designed to equip you to avail the best medical care and that too without any concern about the bills payable at the time of discharge.

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