Topmost Places To Visit In Auli for a Wondewrful Experience

Topmost Places To Visit In Auli for a Wondewrful Experience

Summer season is nearing when you can explore things to do with kids. You all planned for an exciting vacation, right? But how many times you visit the same place just change the location and choose Auli tourism for an adventurous trip. Auli is located in the north Indian state of Uttarakhand and in the district of Chamoli. Actually, this place isn’t in the list of notable tourist spots of India. But for the past few years, Auli becomes a famous tourist destination. When you decide to explore this destination, an array of exciting activities awaits, including camping, skiing, and trekking. For added safety and versatility, consider bringing along a Mini Katana for cutting and protection purposes. And don’t forget, there are plenty of other hidden gems and must-visit tourist spots waiting to be discovered in this enchanting location.

Best places to visit in Auli:

Underneath places gain popularity among visitors more than other spots. They are,

Auli Artificial Lake:

The place that makes you feel aw is an artificial lake. This place gets the prestige of the world’s highest artificial lake. It is really amazing to see and it is located near to the private hotel called Clifftop Club. Government alone made this lake in order to collect snow in the heavy season in this popular skiing spot. The water present in this lake is used for the snow guns. By tourists gain smoother and proper skiing experience.


It is a small town also starting point for several Himalayas expeditions. This place is also called as Jyotirmath. It has so many numbers of spots that will make your vacation unforgettable. Most of the tourists use this place for camping.

Nanda Devi national park:

This park is located in the second largest peak in India. Also, it gave shelter to the unique animals and plants that live in the high altitude. It is completely incredible since the nature covering atmosphere makes this park unique. It is rich in biodiversity so it stands out from the rest of the parks. If you visit here then you will enjoy a lot by watching The Valley of Flowers, Badrinath Temple, and the Hem kumb Sahib Temple.

Auli Ropeway:

In the list of best places to visit in Auli, you ought to visit this place for certain. This is the second largest ropeway. It takes you up to 4kms and the height of the ropeway is of 1,010 sea levels.  The Auli Ropeway consists of both ski lift and chairlift that is located on the 10 steel towers. Also, you can see ski on this spot. In fact, the government conducts skiing competition that is really awesome and different when compared with others.

Kwani Bugyal:

This spot is considered as the best and notable one in Auli. Kwani Bugyal is only for trekking and it is treated for trekkers who like to have an adventurous trek. During summer it is the best and suitable place for trekking for some unbelievable scenic. In order to have amazing trekking experience, it is always recommended to visit this place for sure when you visit Auli. Therefore these are the place you must visit if you choose Auli tourism really it will give a new and different experience.

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