3 DIY Crafts for the Holidays


This year, many people are finding themselves with more time than usual to spend in the holidays. With Christmas parties and gatherings set to be at a minimum this season, you will most likely find that you have more time on your hands than you have had in years past. While this isn’t the most exciting news of the year, it does mean that you can dedicate more time to getting your home and family into the holiday spirit.

Instead of getting down about not being able to participate in your usual holiday outings this year, you can use the free time that you have to take a more DIY approach to the holidays. You can put a more creative spin on Christmas this year with these three fun DIY crafts for the holidays.

1. Handmade Cards

Sending out Christmas cards is one of the ways that you can stay connected with your friends and family and let them know that they are in your thoughts this Christmas time. The tradition of sending out holiday cards is one that is cherished by many. This year, you can use some of your free time in the lead-up to the holidays to craft your very own handmade Christmas cards.

If you are confident in your artistic skills, you can try to create a beautiful yet simple holiday scene by hand. However, if you aren’t exactly the artist, you can use beautiful Christmas Stencils to make some lovely Christmas cards that your friends and family will enjoy receiving this year.

2. A Homemade Christmas Wreath

Christmas wreaths are a traditional holiday decoration that have been around for ages. Many people choose to hang them on their front door in order to show their holiday spirit to visitors. You can also use a wreath as a focal point in your interior decorations by hanging one over the fireplace. 

Unfortunately, pre-made Christmas wreaths can be quite expensive to purchase. If you are finding yourself with some additional free time, why not try your hand at making your very own? You can use items that you find out and about on your winter walks and assemble them into the perfect symmetrical wreath. You can also spray paint your wreath using silver and gold sprays for an elegant effect. 

3. Christmas Candles

Making your very own holiday scented candles is a simpler DIY craft than you might think. Instead of spending big bucks to make your home smell like Christmas, you can get the supplies and make some yourself. 

You will need some wax for melting, jars to fill, wicks, and oils to create the perfect holiday scent. Some popular ones for Christmas include peppermint, evergreen, and even some more spiced options. By making your candles yourself you can not only make your home merry and bright, but you can also make the perfect scent that is entirely original. Your home will be looking and smelling like the Christmas holidays in no time.

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