5 Key Skills for Remote Workers and Businesses


Many people believe that because the world of work has changed so dramatically that the basic behaviors in terms of what is required have also changed. The dress code only has to conform from the waist up and yes, no one knows what you have on your feet, but some things have stayed the same. Here are five key skills for remote workers and the businesspeople working from home explained for their specific context and time.


Online communication is a specific skill to hone and improve. Yes, it has changed and most of it takes place in virtual chat rooms or meeting places in the cloud, but it is still one of the key behaviors of successful businesspeople. It would be worthwhile having a look at The Influential Communicator Business Certificate to improve your understanding, practice and use of communication to improve your remote work or business skills. A short course such as this can help immensely, allowing you to understand the importance of communication to create influence and advance your career or business. 


You still need to ‘clock in’ when you say you would and work the times you are contracted to. There may be no one around, but it is important to only log the hours you actually work, be it in consulting or for a specific firm. Your integrity and honesty are key. Keep in mind that if you are using company hardware and software it is a simple process to check the times worked. Keeping times for meetings and appointments is also key – these may still be virtual meets, but joining the meeting late or neglecting to RSVP are simply unacceptable. 


The fact that you are working or running a tour business from home or remotely means that you should take just as much, if not more care, with regards to the security of your company data and information. If conducting business remotely, do not leave company data unattended and ensure that all electronically connected devices have the appropriate security before accessing company data through the cloud.

Patience/online etiquette

Communication online has changed and requires certain levels of patience to work seamlessly. Waiting for a response in the online meeting, always raising your hand before you speak and staying on mute while in online meetings are just a few of the aspects you need to keep in mind to improve your online etiquette.


Do not get stuck in a rut, things can change quickly and there may the need to consider a more flexible working relationship. Be ready for this and aware that the only thing that is definite is change. Your work or business situation is definitely going to change, you just don’t yet know how, be flexible and enjoy the ride.

The way of work has changed and is expected to continue in this vein. Remote work is much different to working in an office setting, yet the basics have in some ways remained the same. The basic behaviors and ethics have remained constant, with a few tweaks you can master the work from home, remote working arrangement, and make it work for you and your business.

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