What is Elastane Fabric? How Is It Used in Jackets?


Elastane is an artificially synthesized chemical fabric. Its chemical name is polyether polyurea. From the common name elastane, you can guess its unique properties. Here we will talk about the definition of elastane fabric and how it is used in jackets. 

What is Elastane Fabric? 

Elastane fabric is a special kind of fabric. It has some unique characters. We have mentioned those characters below.

  • This fabric is expandable and compressible. In other words, these kinds of fabrics make the cloth more flexible and comfortable.
  • It is specially used in manufacturing sportswear. Sometimes, the athletes need to stress their bodies. The elastane fabric helps them to do it.
  • Another important character is the presence of pores. The more sportswear will contain pores, the better it would be for the athletes. The pores will help to enter the air inside the cloth. This phenomenon will make the athletes feel comfortable and relaxed.
  • This unique fabric has a shiny coating all over its surface. This coating provides a stylish appearance to the clothes that are made of this amazing fabric.  

Elastane fabric is completely different from other types of fabrics. The above-mentioned distinct features have distinguished the elastane fabric from others. It is also known as spandex

Application of Elastane Fabric:

Nowadays, this fabric is used for making various kinds of clothes. These clothes include sportswear, jackets, pants, shirts, etc. In all kinds of clothes, the fabric maintains its expandable property. 

Jackets are worn mainly by people who live in highly cold-weather regions. These cold-weather regions include mountains. In these places, people struggle from cold. Thick clothes can save them from this type of severe cold. The jackets, which are made of elastane fabric, are the perfect clothes for those people. It can certainly save them from cold weather.

In jackets, this synthetic fabric is used at a certain percentage (generally 2 to 5 percent). The tailor mixes it with ordinary fabrics. The amount of ordinary fabric varies in different types of jackets. In sportswear jackets, ordinary fibres are used at a low amount. That is why any sportswear is very much flexible. In other words, it has a lot of elasticity than regular clothes. 

Types of Fabrics:

There are various types of fabrics. Some of them are originated in western countries, and some of them were originated in eastern countries. There are massive differences between these two types of fabrics. The Eastern fabrics contain a lot of delicacy in it.

These fabrics are also smooth and tender. The clothes that are made from eastern fabrics have a unique texture. The eastern fabrics can be identified by seeing the texture of the cloth.

This same technique is also applicable for identifying western fabrics.


With the flow of time, our society has changed a lot. Now many things are different from the past. This change is also seen in our dressing style. Nowadays, people wear unique clothes. These clothes are made of special kinds of fabrics and fibres. Different types of fabrics have different features.

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