WooCommerce Popup Cart: What It is and How to Set It Up


Want to boost your sales and make your customers buy faster? Get yourself a WooCommerce popup cart!

What is WooCommerce Popup Cart?

WooCommerce Popup Cart refers to a feature that enhances the user experience by displaying the contents of the shopping cart in a popup or modal window without requiring the user to navigate to a separate cart page. 

This can streamline the shopping process, as users can quickly view and manage their cart items, update quantities, apply coupons, and proceed to checkout without leaving the current browsing page.

A WooCommerce Popup Cart is a user-friendly feature that showcases cart contents, enabling customers to adjust quantities, add or remove items, apply discounts, and proceed to checkout—all within a convenient popup. 

It also cleverly suggests related products based on the selected item, encouraging additional purchases. This seamless, compact shopping experience enhances user engagement and boosts sales potential by keeping shoppers on the same page.

Key Benefits of WooCommerce Popup Cart

Following are the key benefits of WooCommerce popup cart to enhance the user experience and drive sales on your online store:

  • Streamlined Shopping 

Streamlined shopping simplifies the buying process by minimizing steps and distractions. 

It enables customers to browse, add to their cart, and proceed to checkout without navigating multiple pages. 

It will enhance convenience, reducing friction for a more efficient and satisfying shopping experience.

  • Effortless Cart Management 

Effortless cart management empowers shoppers to modify their cart contents easily. 

It allows quick adjustments of item quantities, addition or removal of products, and application of discounts, all within a user-friendly interface. 

This simplifies decision-making, enhances customization, and provides a seamless and enjoyable shopping journey.

  • Quick Checkout Access 

Quick checkout access provides an immediate option to proceed to payment. 

Customers can swiftly finalize their purchases by offering a direct pathway from the cart popup without navigating through additional pages. 

This convenience reduces barriers to completion, enhancing the likelihood of successful transactions and minimizing cart abandonment.

  • Reduced Distractions 

Reduced distractions create a focused shopping environment. 

With a cart popup, shoppers stay engaged on the current page, avoiding disruptions from navigating to separate cart pages. 

This enhances their browsing experience, immerses them in product exploration, and streamlines their path to making informed purchase decisions.

  • Improved User Engagement 

Improved user engagement denotes heightened interaction and interest. 

A cart popup enhances engagement by offering an interactive and visually appealing interface. 

Customers interact with their cart, explore related products, and make informed decisions within a single window. 

This dynamic experience encourages longer on-site engagement and increases the likelihood of conversion.

  • Enhanced Conversion Rate 

An enhanced conversion rate signifies a higher proportion of visitors turning into customers. 

With a cart popup, the streamlined, convenient shopping process increases the likelihood of completing purchases. 

Customers can swiftly review, adjust, and proceed to checkout, reducing friction and cart abandonment, ultimately resulting in a more prosperous and efficient sales conversion.

  • Saves Time 

Saves time refers to the efficiency gained in shopping. 

A cart popup lets customers swiftly assess their selected items, modify quantities, and proceed to checkout—all without navigating multiple pages. 

This accelerates decision-making, expedites purchasing, and optimizes time spent, contributing to a seamless and time-saving shopping experience.

How to Set Up WooCommerce Popup Cart

To set up a WooCommerce popup cart, begin by ensuring you have the WooCommerce popup cart plugin installed plus activated on your WooCommerce site. 

Configure the plugin settings as per your preferences, determining how the popup will appear, its animations, and any customization options. Typically, you’ll define when the popup displays (e.g., on the “Add to Cart” click) and its appearance.

Customize the popup’s appearance using CSS if needed, ensuring it aligns with your website’s design. Tailor the colors, fonts, and layout to create a seamless visual integration.

Thoroughly test the popup cart on different devices to ensure it works as intended. Verify that customers can adjust quantities, add/remove items, apply discounts, and proceed to checkout smoothly from within the popup.

Consider the mobile experience, ensuring the popup is responsive and user-friendly on smaller screens.

Regularly update the plugin and monitor its performance to ensure compatibility with the latest WooCommerce and WordPress versions.

By following these steps, you can provide your customers with a convenient and efficient shopping experience, encouraging higher engagement, reducing cart abandonment, and boosting your online store’s sales conversion rates.

Top 3 Best WooCommerce Popup Cart Plugins

Now, we will talk about three WooCommerce popup cart plugins so you can decide on the right one for your brand.

#1. WooCommerce Popup Cart

WooCommerce Popup Cart is a feature-rich add-on for online stores powered by Motif Creatives. 

It displays a dynamic popup window when customers add items to their cart. It allows them to view and manage cart contents, adjust quantities, apply discounts, and proceed to checkout—all without leaving the current page. 

This convenient, interactive solution streamlines the shopping process, minimizes distractions, and boosts user engagement. It often includes options to showcase related products, encouraging additional purchases. 

By providing a seamless and visually appealing experience, the WooCommerce Popup Cart aims to enhance conversion rates and create a user-friendly shopping environment.

#2. WooCommerce Smart Cart Popup

WooCommerce Smart Cart Popup is a plugin that enhances the user experience on your WooCommerce-powered online store. It presents a customizable and responsive popup cart when customers add items to their cart. 

The popup displays product details, offers quick cart management options like adjusting quantities and applying discounts, and suggests related products for upselling. 

This user-friendly feature keeps shoppers engaged on the current page, streamlining their shopping journey and reducing distractions. 

#3. WooCommerce Fast Cart

WooCommerce Fast Cart is a plugin that optimizes the shopping experience on WooCommerce stores. 

It streamlines the buying process by allowing customers to quickly view and manage their cart contents in a popup without leaving the page. 

Features like item quantities adjustment, product removal, and instant checkout access reduce friction and enhance user convenience. 

This plugin also efficiently caters to mobile shoppers, creating a responsive and user-friendly popup. 

Add a Popup Cart to WooCommerce Today

Integrating a popup cart into your WooCommerce store today yields substantial benefits that enhance user experience and drive sales. 

A popup cart offers a streamlined approach, enabling customers to instantly review and manage their cart contents without navigating away from their current page. 

This convenience significantly reduces friction in the buying journey.

By embracing a popup cart, your WooCommerce store gains a competitive edge, providing an immersive, efficient, and tailored shopping experience. 

This fosters customer satisfaction, boosts conversion rates, and drives revenue growth, making the addition of a popup cart a strategic and beneficial enhancement for your online business.

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