8 Best Family Vacations in Australia


Among the famous and fantastic places to tour around the world, Australia has some of the best scenic views and experiences for all types of activities. This post describes eight of the best vacations for families in Australia. You will find the best vacation points that you and your family will enjoy together. If you’re planning to take a vacation abroad, you may want to consider Customized International Guided Tours to make it more convenient and memorable.

Whether you are an Aussie local or an international traveler, you would want to find the best place to enjoy your vacation. We also understand that “best” may mean different things when we are on different perspectives. However, we are going to delve on the features that make such destinations worthwhile.

For a family vacation, you will realize that you need to get adequate accommodation for all your members as well as activities that interest all of you. It is, therefore, crucial to choose the place of interest based on its values and available resources.

These eight vacations make the best choices for families touring and get Australia Visa for their holiday.

1. Gold Coast, Queensland

The Gold Coast is a famous tourist destination, especially because of Surfers Paradise, the stretch of sand beyond the beaches. Apart from the sand, you will find amazing scenic views of waterfalls in the semi tropical land.

Another activity suitable for families in Gold Coast is hiking in the rainforest. Do not forget to visit the theme parks with your children so that they will also learn and enjoy. Only 100 km from Brisbane, you can take your family in a cab or a bike. But ensure that you follow motorcycle protection measures to stay safe on the road.

2. Canberra, ACT

Australian capital is another destination of interest for most family vacations. Speaking about the capital territory, you may be thinking that it is a noisy place that you need to tolerate and traffic to deal with all the time. However, there are numerous activities and places suitable for you as a family.

With numerous art galleries and national museums, you will have a wonderful holiday that will satisfy the whole family. Questacon is an interactive science and technology center that you can take your family to during the vacation period.

3. Melbourne, Victoria

Melbourne is one of the best entertainment vacation destinations in Australia. But the city also hosts many places you can visit with every family member. Various exhibitions in Melbourne are an awesome way to learn about the history of our planet while engaging your family.

Remember to take your children to the Melbourne Museum, the biggest museum in the entire Southern Hemisphere of the Earth. The entrance fee can be anywhere between free and A$15.

4. Cairns, Queensland

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, the largest collection of natural coral reefs in the world, receives a humongous number of visitors each year. For this reason, Cairns gets populated with people of different ages and origins who love nature.

Cairns is a relaxed town, and many people who visit the neighboring attraction sites return there to rest. The calmness makes it a suitable place to stay with your whole family. That is especially true for families with young kids who need a quiet environment to sleep better.

5. Kangaroo Island

Australia is the only place where Kangaroos live. You cannot accomplish your trip unless you have seen the kangaroos. When you are visiting with your family, the kangaroo hub should be the priority over all other places. Enjoy the vacation with your children watching kangaroos on Kangaroo Island.

The island, which measures 90 miles (145 km) by 35 miles (57 km), at the narrowest pint, is the largest in Australia. Take a boat from Adelaide to go and watch the kangaroos with your family at the KI Wildlife Park.

6. Launceston, Tasmania

While the city itself is not as big as many famous cities, it is one of the perfect vacation destinations for people with families. One British Lieutenant Colonel established the city in 1805 as Patersonia. It became a municipality with the current name in 1852. You will find many attractions and scenic places to take your family for a vacation.

About 1.5 km from the city, you will come to Cataract Gorge Reserve, a nature reserve and a top-rated tourist attraction in the area. You can also take your family to the Art gallery in Queen Victoria Museum. Ensure that everyone gets their maximum satisfaction before you retire from the trip.

7. Ballarat, Victoria

Ballarat is a small town 73 miles (117 km) northwest of Melbourne. For families that cannot settle in the rather noisy city of Melbourne, Ballarat offers a nearby alternative vacation site for the family. Although it is smaller, you will find the town equally attractive and convenient for family activities.

Sovereign Hill is a perfect attraction that suits the entire family. Situated on a previous goldmine, the open-air museum depicts the gold discovery in the mid 19th century. There are plenty of accommodations that suit various classes and tastes. Even budget travelers will find Ballarat among the affordable yet worthy places to visit with their families.

8. Broome, Western Australia

Do you want to visit the Western Australia region? Take your flight straight to the Broome International Airport and land on this famous resort beach city. Walking along dinosaur tracks and riding camels at sunset are the common activities in the Kimberley region.

Touring with your family in Broome, bird watching is one of the best activities to spend your time. Broome Bird Observatory is your best choice for the activity in the region. Here, you will watch the migratory birds as they arrive after a long journey from the North. A vacation between august and October will be the most suitable for the activity.

Summing it Up

Australia is quite a massive land that you cannot visit and tour on a single trip. With a family, you may need to take more rests before you move from one vacation site to another. You, therefore, need to choose the best destination for your family based on the activities you are interested in or the region you want to visit. Prepare well for the kids if it is your first time traveling with the juniors. If vacation rentals are what you’re looking for, you can go to Saida Towers South Padre.

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