A Step by Step Guide to Improving Your Business’s Technology


It can be daunting considering how to improve the technology at your company. Technology is behind everything we do, but it is so impersonal and different, we can find it hard to work out how we can affect it. It is useful to break down the process of improving technology at your company and break myths about technology being something only for computer nerds or people who have studied coding! Fundamentally, technology is just about tools that can improve the way you do things. The wheel, for example, was considered the first piece of technology ever used.

1. Benchmark your technology against competitors

The first step is to figure out how effective the technology at your company actually is. Is it woefully behind what is going on in your industry? Do you think you could be losing customers to competitors because your systems aren’t as high-tech as they could be? Are you offering your customers a seamless, integrated experience? You need to think about how you can serve your customers better. People are coming to expect state of the art technology now because of the rise of small start-ups which are nimble and can provide excellent customer service and digital experiences with touch-points along the way. You need to think realistically about whether your customer loyalty or whether the price elasticity of demand is such that customers won’t mind if you don’t have this technology.

2. Look at the technology your employees are using

The second step you need to take is to look at what systems you have internally. Are your employees able to do their best work and upload documents efficiently? Are there gaps in your technology – things that it can’t do? You have to think about the infrastructure behind what customers are seeing every day and whether you are able to do as much work as other companies every time the phone line drops dead or you have to reconnect on Zoom. This is particularly important in these pandemic times. If you need help with inventions, hire an invention company that brings out the best in you as an idea carrier.

3. Consider the future

After that, you need to think about what kind of technology could work better for you. Sometimes it can be hard to imagine the type of technology that would better serve you – this is why people reach out to companies such as HLB System Solutions for advice – but of course, you need to think about what is best for you. Essentially, you need to imagine how your technology would look in an ideal world. For example, would you like to have artificial intelligence in place in your company? This could be very forward-thinking if, for example, you don’t yet have the fundamentals of good IT or anything like that at your company. You may want to investigate tools like robotics first – walk before you can run!

All in all, it is a lot easier to think about technology at your organization if you break down the steps involved. It shouldn’t be complicated – technology is there to make your life easier, after all!

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