Abdominoplasty in Ludhiana


In this era of tasty and delicious cuisines, the choice between the taste and flat tummy is the hardest to make. No one likes a bulgy tummy hanging off their waist, anything could be the reason like sagging after major weight loss, loose tissues after pregnancy, etc. To remove this excess fat and to get a firmer waist abdominoplasty is one of the finest methods. Abdominoplasty also famous with the name of the tummy tuck like the ones provided at is a cosmetic surgery that removes the excess fat and skin to make the abdomen firmer and tightens the muscle and fascia of the abdominal wall. Tummy tuck is available at decent prices and performed with perfection. There are various procedures which could be followed like-

Full Abdominoplasty

Fat, muscle, and skin are the major components addressed in this technique to provide you with tightened skin and a flat abdomen. The steps involved are-

Step-1- Just above the pubic hair, an incision is made from hip to hip.

Step-2- Navel is freed from the surrounding skin with an incision.

Step-3- The skin is detached and the muscle fascia is tightened with sutures.

Step-4- Using liposuction, the transitional zones of abdominal sculptures are refined.

Step-5- Excessive fluid is drained out and a compression garment is applied.   

Partial Abdominoplasty

Those who want a small amount of abdominal skin removal go for this. It includes the following steps-

Step-1- Comparatively a smaller incision is made.

Step-2- The skin and fat are removed in a limited fashion from the lower abdomen. Excess skin removed.

Step-3- Muscle fascia is tightened but not always.

Step-4- Execute the contouring using liposuction.

Step-5- The flap is stitched back.

Circumferential Abdominoplasty

This method is also known as Belt Lipectomy which includes a bbl along with extended abdominoplasty. It is appropriate for those who have undergone massive weight loss.

Combination procedures

It includes the combination of a tummy tuck with breast reduction, breast lift, hysterectomy (occasionally) and liposuction contouring. A combination of tummy tuck and breast procedure is known as “mummy makeover”.

Before going through any medical procedure you need to be sure whether you are suitable for such surgery or not. Similarly, Tummy tuck also has suitable conditions which are-

  • Sagging skin post major weight loss.
  • Loose tissue post-pregnancy.
  • Great skin tone and elasticity.
  • Stability in weight for 6 months.

A tummy tuck would be suitable if you do not want to be pregnant again or even complete your family. You should not consider Tummy tuck as a weight loss alternative and it has no relation with stretch marks.

After the surgery, incisions are covered with a dressing and a compression garment is applied to minimize swelling and to support the muscles. The excessive fluid or blood is drained out using thin tubes.

Many clinics would provide you with the services of Tummy tuck Ludhiana at affordable prices and safety. The tummy tuck is a rigorous process and should be performed under the expert’s supervision or by the experts. Beware of frauds and only trust the experts.

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