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Along with the instant communication with the people, the users using smartphone in the same seriousness to get entertained in their busy life. Now all things has changes after the revolution of the smartphone, android and mobile networks. By just playing the mobile games, the smartphone network has grown to make any other life routine makes much more possible just like booking tickets, consultation booking, payment transfers etc with the help of android, iOS apps. And the most entertainment part of the situation is the revolution of the video streaming in higher speed as all the mobile network has been moved to low speed 2G network to high speed 4G speed. Here in this post, i will share about the app JioTv formerly JioPlay to watch the online streaming of tv channels free that you need not any extra cost other than your data recharge.

Many of the tv channels streaming apps in india like sonyLiv (App By Sony Entertainment), DittoTv App(By Zee network), Voot app(By colors), YuppTv app and all other apps are not providing all the channels with the free usage. But Reliance JioTv is the one and only app that not have any premium subscription and you can enjoy 600+ channels online live. But you need to use Jio SIM and a valid data plan to enjoy the app.

JioTv app does not work with any other mobile network operators. And if you are using any other network operators, you will need extra cost on other above mentioned apps to get their subscription along with your data plan charge. And the interesting fact is that, with the paid subscription on those apps, you will never get much channels which are provided by JioTv in its free services. If you want to be a business owner that rakes income from subscriptions, it might be wise to learn simple details such as subscription vs membership.

JioTv provides channels from all the genres including movies, music, sports, devotional, news, animal, kids, cartoon and almost all the indian regional channels. There are so many features that will be in difference with any other competitive apps in the market. That’s why the JioTv app is the most popular live tv channels streaming app in india. Other apps providing only 200-400 channels even with their paid subscription, you can enjoy 604 channels from JioTv library and the number is not permanent, which you can enjoy in a big 85 inch tv you can find online. There will be increase in the channels count in their next updates. You know, while the launch of the JioTv app, There were only 350 channels and added each time when their app versions updated. Now they have the most popular channels from all the categories and languages in india.

The JioTv app is very easy to use since the user interface is very simple. You can select the categories of channels from the two drop down boxes. One is to select the channels categories like Movies, music, business news, lifestyle, infotainment, sports etc and other one is to select the languages. Thus you can catch up the channels very easily and quickly. Also select the quality of streaming select and if you want to stream in low or standard definition, set according to that to stream the channels like that. So you can have a control over your data and control according to the speed of mobile network.

One another feature that you can enjoy with the JioPlay app is to stream the exact live streaming of sports event like world cup of cricket or Ligamx football. Not all, but some of the other apps are streaming the events with 5 or 10 minutes delay and limited. Then you need premium subscription to unlock the feature of limitation. Among the 604 channels, you can enjoy 60+ channels in high definition format with JioTv app. This service have web version to watch the same channels via web browser. You can use in desktop so that you need not to install the apk with the help of android emulators in your desktop computers. You can watch all the channels available on the app by visiting jiotv.com by visiting on any web browser with your Jio ID and password signing in. But this services is currently not available at the time of this article being written. Just under construction stage.

Download and install the app along with Reliance Jio SIM and enjoy the tv channels streaming like. Make a pocket tv with smartphone and never miss any of your shows. The app also have the catch up library that have the videos of the popular tv shows. Also have the option to watch the shows that you miss in the last 7 days. Download available for both android and iOS users. And other special feature is the app is free from annoying ads. Now enjoy the tv channels free that will never charge you any extra cost.

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