5 Useful WordPress Plugins for Successful Blogging


WordPress plugins are very much required for optimizing a website or web pages. Just like the way eCommerce website development requires the use of page builder plugins to design and code beautiful pages even if you don’t have the required coding skills, plugins for successful blogging lies in WordPress. Some of these plugins can be got by paying for them, while some are required to earn money from the blogs. These plugins have the potential to extend WordPress to do anything that one can imagine.

Here are 5 useful WordPress Plugins that help in improving the site in multiple ways.

Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

It’s not just the digital marketing company in Chennai or other cities of India, but anyone associated with online activities understands the importance of search engine rankings. This SEO plugin helps in ranking higher in search results as it helps in driving free traffic from search engines. It comes in both free and premium versions and is very powerful and effective. It is, in fact, a mandatory WordPress Plugin for WordPress blogs.

WP Super Cache

In the online world WordPress interview questions, getting the webpage or the website loaded superfast is a basic requirement. Any good SEO company in India or abroad will swear by the fact that a site that takes long to load loses its users drastically. WordPress is a memory-hogging CMS. To make sure that it doesn’t let the webserver crash, it’s important to use a cache plugin. Though there are many cache plugins for successful blogging, WP Super Cache is outstanding and is loved for its simplicity and effectiveness.

Suppose 100 visitors search for your blog at any given point in time. To make the blog page accessible to these people, WordPress would be running 100x PHP calls to fetch the particular post from the WordPress database. This increases the server load and the page takes a long to upload. When using this cache plugin, a static HTML file of the web page gets created and then Disable right-click selection on WordPress sites can use it to serve the page. This results in reducing the server load and the page upload speed goes up.


Jetpack is indeed a jetpack with many features. Once you have this plugin, you are equipped to perform multiple tasks like using its powerful analytics to track your blog views and search queries. You will also get notified if your site is down. It allows the readers to share your blog posts on social platforms and also helps in auto-publicizing blog posts on them. These are a few of the many options that this plugin offers. Those in the blogging world consider it must-have plugins for successful blogging.

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One thing that every blogger dreads is spam comments. As the blog starts becoming popular, spam comments also start increasing. It is a really frustrating and time-consuming job for the blogger to moderate through the comments to determine which are legit and which are spam. Having Akismet plugin solves the problem as it is equipped to tackle the spam comments automatically.


A blog is meant to generate awareness about you, your brand, some specific topic or market or promote something, which can be a business, a product, or a service. The more popular a blog is, the higher is its reach. To maximize its reach or in other words to drive more traffic, you can make use of OneSignals plugin. The way it works is that it adds a web push technology. So, whatever browser your users are using – whether it’s Chrome, Firefox or Safari, they will get a notification to subscribe to blog updates. Now, whenever a new blog post gets updated, the users get a notification, which increases the traffic to the blog. This is Best WordPress Plugin also lets you send manual push notifications by which you can drive traffic to any specific post, landing page or any other site.

If you have any idea about eCommerce website development, then you might also be aware of the fact that plugins are there to help you with your WordPress blog. Though there are many plugins available, it is always advised to use only a few of the best ones or else they would start to conflict.

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