E-Learning Platforms for JEE Main 2020 Preparation


It is true that conventional learning and coaching institutes for tests like JEE and NEET assist applicants with preparations. But, in the current scenario, internet coaching has likewise demonstrated to be similarly advantageous. Be it regarding convenience with education or the quality of understanding concepts.  

For the students who are not happy with the traditional teaching-learning techniques of the coaching classes, online classes have become a much-needed refresher. The online learning for exams like  JEE Main 2020 has made it easier for candidates who want access to quality education right at their home. Here are some benefits of learning through online modules that are designed by experts.

Benefits of E-Learning platforms for JEE Main 2020 preparation

Let’s list the benefits below:

1. Self-paced Learning – Each candidate has a different comprehension and learning speed; while one applicant can comprehend an idea just in no time, the other may take days. Because of this, students frequently think that it’s hard to move in pace with the tutors in coaching institutes. Learning on the web by watching the video can help with this issue as you can watch the lecture whenever you need. 

Your timetable will remain the same while you get ready at your own pace. In coaching centres, you need to keep up a comparable pace as that of the tutor. Any break in the rhythm with the teachers or class can cost enormous to the competitors getting ready for the competitive exam JEE Main 2020. Where consistency has an immense effect, online institutes can help candidates learn better.

Online classes can help spare travel time which can be put into other resources. Also, candidates can access it from anyplace. They simply need to have a functioning web connection on their computer, laptop, or cell phone. 

2. Complete syllabus inclusion at lower cost – Much the same as the training centres, online learning platforms cover the whole JEE Main 2020 syllabus in a required way. Not just this, the candidates have the decision to either decide on the total course or any subject, module, or part they wish to study. This makes it a profoundly adaptable choice for those intending to break IIT JEE 2020. 

Additionally, the way that conventional coaching centres are really expensive, which can’t be neglected. Not every person can bear to join the training centres.

3. Specialists are consistently there to help you out – Each competitor wishes to have a specialist to clear their doubts, yet that simply doesn’t happen to everybody. Why? This is on the grounds that having question meetings from specialists costs you way more, and not every person can manage the cost of this charge. 

The specialists can’t convey every day offline lectures to you. The institutes follow an inflexible time table and henceforth they plan the expert meetings sessions accordingly. In any case, with web-based coaching, you don’t face such sort of an issue. You have the opportunity to get a lecture from an expert on any subject whenever you like. Click here to see igcse tuition maths. Further, you can ask your questions anytime, anyplace during and after the class by downloading their mobile applications. 

Time management and being accustomed to online tests are among the important factors in competitive tests. Online preparation will give you an edge over the individuals who prepared offline.

Here are six online courses for JEE Main 2020 preparation

1. AskIITians

Web-based instructing and planning platform AskIITians are one of the most favoured JEE Main 2020 preparation sites offering online courses. Its “Total JEE Main/Advanced Course and Test Series” offers study organizer, video lessons (material science, science, arithmetic), updated notes, test papers, topic-wise analysis, efficient strategies, mind maps, assistance, performing analyses, and so forth. 

Course Fee – The one-year course costs about 15,900 INR, while the two-year course is offered at 21,000 INR.

2. Aakash iTutor 

Aakash Institute likewise offers different courses for JEE competitors. The Leading JEE training and preparation institute, Aakash Institute, additionally offers online courses to assist candidates with cracking the test. Under its Aakash iTutor advanced/e-Learning activity, the institute as of now has many of 14 JEE-related courses. There are various choices for candidates in Class 10, 11, and 12 (studying/passed) and long term students, as well. 

Course Cost – The expense of the offered courses runs between 30,599 and 1,30,999 INR.

3. Bansal Classes 

Kota’s Bansal Classes offers courses on the Bansal Test-Prep stage. Reputed Bansal Classes of Rajasthan’s Kota additionally has different courses for JEE Main 2020 preparation on its computerized learning entrance Bansal Test Prep. They give mock tests, section-wise notes, practice questions, doubt solving support, and so on. 

Course Cost – There are web-based learning programs for competitors showing up for JEE 2019 and 2020. Bansal Test Prep right now has five JEE courses with their costs running between 4,000 and 14,500 INR.

4. HashLearn 

There are free online resources for JEE planning offered by HashLearn. Leading advanced tutoring platform, HashLearn additionally offers web-based training, preparation courses, live video classes to JEE Main 2020 candidates for free. It centres around clearing candidates’ questions. Students can take any number of courses. They offer live sessions, all India tests, coverage of syllabus, practice packs planned by specialists, free access to past video-addresses. 

Course Fees – The fees range between 9,809 to 15,000 INR.

5. CareerOrbits 

Many consider CareerOrbits as the best for online practice for JEE Main 2020. CareerOrbits, a well known online portal for self-preparation for competitive tests, including JEE, is another extraordinary alternative for JEE-related online courses. 

Courses offered are both for JEE 2019 and 2020. They incorporate complete course packages, question banks, test series, study material, subject-wise (science, physical science, science) courses for regular applicants just as repeaters/droppers. 

Course Fees – The expense of the courses ranges from 5,000 to 17,500 INR.

6. IIT JEE Online 

IIT JEE Online offers the most moderate JEE planning courses. JEE preparation site, IIT JEE Online, likewise offers moderate online courses for competitors to get ready from the comfort of their homes. It gives the “AdvantEdge Program”, which covers subjects like arithmetic, material science, and science, giving more than 5,000 video talks to both JEE Main 2020 and JEE Advanced. 

The cost of courses – The three-level of the course are three-month restricted access (999 INR), one-year unlimited access (1,999 INR), two-year unlimited access (2,999 INR). So, in this current pandemic, when India is under lockdown 3.0, use such E-Learning platforms to good effect for JEE Main 2020 preparation. The fees are affordable and give you the flexibility to study indoors and study anywhere. The JEE Main exam is postponed but having said that the dates would be announced soon and you have less time now. So, gear up and utilize the time for last-minute revision.

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