How Technology Can Boost Your Manufacturing Business


With the world rapidly developing new technologies, it’s the fastest and most agile of businesses that can take hold of new processes and new digital technologies to gain a competitive edge in their market. For those companies that shun and ignore new technology, there’s an inevitable drop in sales and competitive edge. This article looks at four ways in which you can steal a competitive edge through engaging with technology, helping to grow your brand and your business as a result. In addition to improving technology, you may work with a company that provides Dimensional Inspection services for the products you want to develop to ensure their quality.


The word on the lips of many manufacturing bosses is that the next phase of automation is underway. Often dubbed ‘the second machine age’, the current era involves the making of a new set of machines that use complex algorithms, machine learning and AI in conjunction with the typical robotics we’ve seen on production lines for decades. In fact, you can also learn more about how Suburban Enterprises can help.

This is an exciting time for those businesses prepared to invest in an automated production line. It may mean staff are made redundant, or they’re shifted into new positions in the back office, but this is how to get to grips with a future that you cannot deny or ignore: automation is coming. 

Supplier Change

Meanwhile, you should also encourage development and innovation within your sphere of influence. You see, if you’re able to share in the benefits of your own new technology, you may be able to inspire your suppliers to look at their own processes, to improve them.

For instance, if you’re using dowel pins in your products, you may be able to engage with companies that offer custom made dowel pins instead, which they can create due to their machinery and their infrastructure. There are always new avenues to explore in this regard – and new companies that are making excellent use of new technologies.

Digital Tech

If you’re a manufacturer that’s making anything electrical, it might be time to reconsider the types of digital technology that you’re injecting into your products. With every passing year, technology becomes almost exponentially more powerful – not to mention cheaper. 

What does this mean for you? Well, those sensors you’ve been using for years are probably very outdated. The wireless receiver you installed last year is now half the price at other suppliers, and the microphone you were looking at using a month ago has just been swamped by a far better, far cheaper model. You need to continually change to keep up with these evolutions. Another technological advancement that’s beneficial for businesses is an automatic door opener. This can help in keeping your business safe.


Finally, the software that your company uses can help you to plan out your production line, to get your staff paid on time, to contact suppliers automatically, and to deal with orders in a simple and automated fashion. 

There is no doubt that business software is one of the most critical innovations in the past two decades – and your business ought to be using smart programs like an ECM software in its back offices to improve all of your processes, making them more efficient and effective across your business.

These tips are designed to help manufacturers boost their business with the savvy use of technology in 2020.

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