How to Build a Fashion Email Marketing Sales Funnel

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The internet has revolutionized how companies market their services and products. There was a rapid shift from traditional methods of marketing and the increased focus on digital marketing.

Email marketing is the earliest and most frequently used digital marketing strategies. It is popular among many businesses, and the fashion industry is no different. The popularity of email marketing has resulted in many companies taking up fashion email marketing sales funnel to engage potential customers and improve sales. 

How does email marketing work?

At its core, email marketing is pretty simple. You grow a list of potential buyers and try engaging with them through emails. It is direct to consumer type of marketing, where you are engaging with the customers directly. While having a sufficiently large leads is essential for the email marketing, but the numbers are not enough. To have a highest customer conversion rate, you also need to have a necessary post-engagement plan for your customers. 

Steps to building the right marketing funnel

  • Create an engaging lead email that captures the customer’s attention
  • Ensure you explain to your customer why they need your product and the benefits they get from using it.
  • Follow up on the lead email with secondary marketing emails.
  • Keeps a track of number of lead customers being converted to making purchases from your website.
  • Periodical follow-ups to improve customer retention in the long term. 

What exactly is an email marketing funnel

An email marketing funnel is a streamlined protocol that guides the customers from point A to B. Here point A represents you engaging them with a marketing email, and point B represents the customer buying a product from your website. It covers several primary goals that your marketing strategy should fill to help your customer commit to your company and ensure customer retention. 

The goals of a fashion email marketing sales funnel should cover:

  • Generation of awareness: let the customer know why they need your product. Customers will be motivated to buy your product much more quickly if they become aware that they need the product. 
  • Engagement: once you have shown why the customer needs the product, demonstrate how it solves the problem. Through the generation of awareness and attention, you make it clear to the customer why they need the product and how the product works. 
  • Highlight the positive points: once you’ve laid down the groundwork, you should be highlighting the positive attributes of your product. This gives the customer one final push towards making a purchase. 

Why is a marketing funnel needed?

In today’s market, almost every company is using email marketing to attract customers. As a result of this, customers have become weary of the same advertising methods. More often than not, all-in-one advertising emails end up in the trash folder of your customer’s email.

Through a marketing funnel, you take your customer on a step-by-step process and guide them eventually to making a purchase. It not only generates better sales but also contributes to better customer retention. 

Email marketing funnels improve the concept of email marketing. They are beneficial for companies looking to get new customers and go a long way in helping the companies retain their existing customer base. If you plan to go with digital marketing for your company, an email marketing funnel is worth checking out.

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