How to get better at candidate management?

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Candidate management is quintessential for recruiters. There is actually a set of benefits that good candidate management can have. If done well, the candidate will go on to speak good things about your company and the HR team which can benefit you in multifarious ways. The candidates may want to keep in touch with you for further updates on open vacancies. Besides, they will also say good things about your company to knowns which will increase the goodwill of your company. Basically, what you get is a rich talent pool that helps you in hiring the best.

You may be great in doing candidate management but now that generation Z and millennials are increasing in number at workplaces and what they expect from a recruiter is different. So, no matter how good you are, you may still want to read this blog to know what you can do to up your game. Even though recruitment software in India plays a very important role, here is what else you should do.

Make the candidate develop a sense of respect for you
The number of startups is increasing year by year which is increasing the employment opportunities. So, the candidates you are talking to probably already have a bunch of opportunities with them. Infact, they may even refrain from giving you their time. So, it is very essential to make your pitch impressive. Don’t get impatient at the time of talking to the candidate or start pleading them to appear for the interview. Tell the candidate the best things about the company like work culture and how the opportunity you have can help them grow. If there is something that they are not okay with like the location, let them take their time and ponder upon it. If they would want to go ahead with the opportunity, they will let you know.

Speak in the language they use
This doesn’t mean that you should be speaking to them in their mother tongue. It means that the candidates should be reached where they mostly are. For instance, if the candidate spends more time on Whatsapp, they should be sent a message on Whatsapp or even Instagram or Facebook. What candidates want are less intrusive and more convincing job descriptions. So, make the message crisp and short.

Stay in touch
Candidates clearly would not want you to call them everyday but they do expect you to show some attention to them. So, you may avoid calling them but a mail or message on social media should suffice. This will also help you in updating the status of the candidate on the recruitment software in India.

Apart from the three aforementioned changes, you should also help them know your organisation better. Give importance to what matters to them and don’t make your requirements the primary focus. Also, don’t forget to update the information in recruitment and payroll management software and let us know how this helped.

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