How would you beat the monsoon frizz with Neon & Co. Haircare products


Say bye-bye to the crazy lion look! No more frizzy hair this monsoon season! Let the melody of droplets shower over you and play in your mind. Here are some handy tips you must follow to get rid of the damage frizzy hair.

Before we go further, 

Let’s understand what happens to our hair and why.

What led this damage to happen?

Rains bring humidity with it. It is the major factor behind the frizz & hair fall. Due to the monsoon, the natural chemical structure of the hair usually gets sensitive to airborne hydrogen. In this weather, the hair absorbs hydrogen, forms bonds, swells until the smooth cuticle erupts to make them frizzy.

In this world there is an abundance of people who fail to care for their hair. Neon & Co. Products, a simplified & promising brand based in Australia that mainly focuses on hair & skincare is here to save the day. They offer products that actually do what they promise. No gimmicks, no crazy claims, no “sciency” lingo (that no one really understands) just clean & honest skin, hair and body products that do the real work. Each product is sulfate & paraben free derived from the plants and is natural by nature. 

What are the hair problems in Monsoon?

Neon & Co. Haircare

Rains always wake up the urge to run out and shower in the first rain of the season. But, it is advised to not to do so in the first rain. As the first rain contains a large amount of harmful pollutants from the air, which is not good for optimum hair health.

Rainwater is slightly acidic which means when it naturally comes in contact with the hair it will damage the hair inside out which results in hair related problems.

Some of the main hair problems are :

  1. Hair Fall 
  2. Hair Frizz
  3. Itchiness
  4. Lusterless hair
  5. Dry & rough hair
  6. Brassy & yellow tones 
  7. Split ends 
  8. Heat Damage

How to get rid off the hair problems in Monsoon? 

  1. Get drenched, but rinse off the rain properly !

Rainwater turns your hair sticky, sweaty & full of pollutants. Use Neon & Co. Good Hair Shampoo which rinses off the grit, dirt and pollutant water absorbed into the hair from the rain. It is sulfate & paraben free which means it is very delicate on hair especially during monsoon season. It strengthens the hair roots and helps them to grow fast. It hydrates the scalp by bringing back the natural moisture and adds shine to the hair. 

  1. Condition your hair to restore goodness!

We all know that conditioning the hair is the right way to keep the hair healthy, but it is very important to know which type of conditioner you should choose for your hair.

There are several conditioners which claim to provide the best treatment, but are often derived from harmful chemicals. Using Neon & Co. Good hair Conditioner to condition your hair will heal bring your hair back to life. It’s sulfate & paraben-free formula strengthens the hair & restores the natural moisture in the hair. It keeps the hair roots strong and enables the nutrients to flow to the tip of the hair to grow fast. Apply Good hair Conditioner after every hair wash.

  1. Dry your hair!

It has been proven that out of 100, about 60 people don’t use anything to dry off the hair. Wet hair strands become the source of growth of bacteria & fungus. These bacteria or fungus resist the hair to grow fast.

What could be the options to dry off your hair?

  1. Dry your hair with towels: Use cotton or synthetic fiber towels to dry off the hair. High fiber towels absorb the extra wetness in the hair which helps you to dry off faster during monsoon season. 
  2. Use a hairdryer with a diffuser: A hairdryer, if used without a diffuser, causes heat damage. Heat damage will dry off the scalp and create uncomfort. The diffuser protects the hair from direct contact with the dryer to prevent heat damage.

Tip: If you are using a hairdryer to dry off the hair, after shampooing & conditioning, Apply Neon & Co. Products frizz fighter from mid-lengths to the tip of the hair. It helps to fight with the natural frizz & resist your hair to get puffed up or frizzy. It cuts down the blow-drying time, as it makes the process fast. It strengthens the cuticle layer of the hair & adds a heavy dosage of moisture. 

How to nourish your hair to fight against monsoon damage: 

Hair Shot Ampoule

Often after taking several precautions during monsoons, there are chances you will face hair related issues that not only affect your appearance but also your confidence. Use Hair shot Ampoule by Australian brand Neon & Co. This hair shot has a water like a solution which penetrates deep inside the scalp and helps the hair roots to strengthen. It refreshes the scalp & stimulates hair growth. It has keratin proteins which make the hair manageable.

We hope that this helps you restore your hair health in monsoon season. To ensure frizz-free & manageable hair, you should follow this hair treatment routine religiously. For less damage to the hair, avoid exposing your hair to open in rains. Rest, look as awesome you can, eat as healthy you can and remember to drink lots of water in monsoon season, as it keeps you, and your hair, hydrated!

Stay tuned with us for further tips & facts!

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