3 Seemingly Small Car Issues That You Shouldn’t Ignore


Car repairs are never fun things to have to take care of. Not only does taking your car in for a repair mean that you will be without a vehicle or paying for a rental for at least a day, but many common auto repairs are unexpectedly costly. With such negative connotations, it can be tempting to allow smaller car issues that don’t seem to inhibit your vehicle’s performance from being left unrepaired.

In taking this approach to even the smaller car issues, though, you might be setting yourself up for bigger problems and a heftier bill down the line. Here are three such car issues that might seem like no big deal right now, but that can evolve into greater problems if left unchecked.

1. A Chip in the Windshield

When you are driving along, and a tiny rock or other small object strikes your windshield, it can result in the appearance of a small crack or chip. Although irritating at the time, it can be easy to ignore such cracks, especially if they aren’t in your direct eye-line. You might assume that it just simply isn’t worth taking your car in to have such cracks repaired. However, this might prove to be a major mistake.

Even the smallest of cracks in your windshield can develop into major ones if left to their own devices. The pressure that your windshield is under can only be sustained properly if it is completely sound. One day you might sustain a small chip only to get into your car a week later to find that chip has grown into a massive crack right across your windshield.

While the chip would have been easy and affordable to fix, a major crack might mean that you need to replace your entire windshield. Save yourself the trouble and find windshield repair services right away.

2. Puddles Under Your Parked Car

If you have recently noticed a puddle of liquid, even a small amount, underneath your car after it has been parked for a time, do not hesitate to bring it to an expert. It might be tempting to ignore this problem, particularly if no engine lights have come on to your dashboard. However, a puddle under your car might be indicative of a major problem that will only grow worse over time.

For instance, if your engine is leaking oil, the solution might be a simple one for now. If left unrepaired, though, such a leak can grow worse and worse, causing more extensive damage to your vehicle’s engine.

3. Illuminated Check Engine Light

You might think that it is a no-brainer to bring your car to the shop when the check engine light comes on. This light can also be easy to ignore, though, when there are no other detectable symptoms of a greater problem. Even if your car appears and drives just fine, you must never ignore the check engine light. Doing so for too long can result in incredibly expensive repairs over time.

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