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Due to the popularity, a huge market has emerged in a short time. Many brands compete for the customer’s favor. Even the strangest advertising slogans are used. For example, the description ‘legal CBD oil’ misleads people. The claim indicates that illegal CBD oil could also be purchased. The government is not really heading in a straight line either. How can a product be legal but its production not?

Production ban

CBD is made from the tops of the fiber hemp plant. These tops are unusable for fiber production. There is a heated debate as to whether it is permitted to make the increasingly popular CBD from the tops of the fiber hemp plant. The unusable peaks were once thrown away. However, now the hemp tops are used to make 10% cbd oil uk. There is no mess in the air, but appearances are deceptive.

The Ministry of Security and Justice states that fiber hemp may only be grown for fiber production and not for CBD. This wisdom is contained in the Opium Act Decree, which dates back to a time when nobody knew that CBD can be made from the residual product of a fiber hemp plant. Yet no-one in the Netherlands is allowed to produce CBD, according to at least the staff of the Ministry of Justice. This rule has been devised to make the ban on hemp cultivation as broad and general as possible. All hemp is forbidden, except for fiber hemp, but only for the production of fibers. At the time it was thought that hemp was harmful to public health and should therefore be prohibited in general terms with only this one limited exception.

From non-illegal to illegal

Ongoing insight has taught us that the non-psychoactive substance CBD is made from a residual product of fiber hemp and this has particularly beneficial effects on public health. But nobody had taken that into account at the time. The panic football at the Ministry of Justice has led to a first provisional position, namely that the production of CBD is prohibited, although CBD is a legal substance. It is a reversal of the tolerance policy. There is no longer a situation where a prohibited product is permitted. In the latest discussion about CBD, the production of a non-prohibited product is banned to illegality.

Import of CBD oil

The highly diluted oil is then re-imported into the Netherlands and eventually finds its way to the consumer. However, this is done with the permission of the Ministries of Security and Justice and Public Health because the percentage of THC is negligibly small and has no psychoactive effect. Thus, the use is permitted.

The popularity of cannabis products such as Delta 10 THC has been unprecedentedly high lately. This is mainly because the oil has been in the news several times in a positive way lately. As a result, many people have become curious about CBD oil and want to know if this is also good to resolve their complaints. In addition, more and more research is being done into this oil and what the effects are when used. Yet many people often confuse CBD oil with weed oil. They may come from apparently from the same type of plant, but the effect of both types of oils is indeed different. It is therefore important to know the difference between cannabis oil and CBD oil before use.

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