The basic information about Azerbaijan


Every country has its unique culture and traditions. When you’re applying for an Azerbaijan visa, it is better to know the basic information about Azerbaijan. It is a Muslim majority country but has the impact of Soviet-era, as it was a part of the Soviet Union before 1992. The Azerbaijan e visa is easy to get, but people do find difficulty in adjusting to the culture of Azerbaijan. It is a country having a Persian, Turkish and Russian cultural dimension. You can observe the impact of these cultures on the Azri way of life, most of the population is actually from these nations. The Azri nation is a decent nation, with its deep cultural and traditional impacts on society. If you are planning to travel to Azerbaijan. The information given below can be useful for you:

The registration to migrations authorities: 

The visa requirement for Azerbaijan is quite simple and you would most probably get the Azerbaijan visa. It is quite necessary to register yourself to the migration service center, it is necessary for staying legally in the country. In the past, most of the hotel staff did the job for you. You need to check the registration process in priority and you only need to fill an onli9ne form to register yourself to the migration service.

Not try to discuss the politics:

 It is better before getting your Azerbaijan evisa, avoid discussing the politics with the locals. There is a dispute going on with Armenia over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh. The Azri people were displaced from the region and there is a full-scale battle going on in this disputed territory between Azerbaijan and Armenia. So try to avoid and not indulge in any political discussion with any Azri Person. These people are too sensitive about the matter and about the politics of the region.

Try to be clean in Azerbaijan: 

If you are planning to get an Azerbaijan visa, then it is better to know that Azri people hate dirtiness. You need to avoid any fuss and litter in the capital Baku. You can get resistance if you are making a fuss and mess in the streets of the capital. Baku is one of the cleanest cities around and you would hardly find any mess around the streets of the capital Baku.

Respect the women: 

When you are planning to travel to Azerbaijan, know their culture. The Azri people usually respect women more than you can imagine. People do empty their seats for the women when they are traveling via Bus or train. You need to follow the same route as it can be seen as respectful behavior if you are not respecting the women. So be very respectful to the women, if you want to move easily in the society of Azerbaijan.

Don’t travel via Taxis: 

The Taxi drivers usually want to charge extra money to the foreigners, it is better to use the Bus for traveling as there is a Metro station all around the capital Baku.Azerbaijan travels can be a little expensive if you are using the Taxis for traveling, so be economical and use the Bus for traveling around the city.

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