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Planning a holiday to Spain anytime soon? Have gone through umpteen itineraries, trying to figure out the top things to do in Spain? The country packs a combination of varied experiences ranging from breathtaking architecture to beaches, to vibrant parties that just don’t stop!

We’ve put together a list of some of the most fascinating things to do in Spain, making your trip an affair to remember for a very long time. Start planning now for the next trip and get your booking done through the alaska airlines official site and explore the best packages to Spain. Book now and explore this amazing place on your own and enjoy your trip while doing these amazing things over there.

A to-do list for travelers to do amazing things in Spain

Marvel at the magnificence of La Sagrada Família, Barcelona

What if we told you that there’s a cathedral in Barcelona, which has been under construction since 1882? Built by Antoni Gaudí, the cathedral was conceptualized with natural symbolism, the tall towers, and pillars designed like trees and glass mosaic ceilings that light up the interiors of the structure with sunlight. After the construction is completed, it will stand at a height of 170 meters, then making it the highest religious building in Europe. Interestingly, Gaudí is also buried in one of the four chapels of the church. While the church has eight towers at the moment, the final structure will boast of 18 towers. 12 will be for the apostles, four for the evangelists, one for the Virgin Mary, and the last tower–also the highest–will represent Jesus Christ.

Party the night away in Ibiza

Its hard mantle to be the gathering capital of the world and Ibiza endeavors to satisfy it. The exuberance and the vitality at Ibiza are irresistible, with nightfall pontoon gatherings to extravagance seashore clubs and shacks where the vibe never diminishes. A few clubs you should investigate in Puerto de Ibiza are Privilege, Amnesia, and Space.

Ibiza offers the best of the two universes. When not celebrating, you can make a beeline for one of its perfect white seashores, suggestive of the 80s. The nearby culture of Ibiza is similarly as fascinating as its gatherings. Festa del Vi Payés is a celebration celebrating privately made wine, and observers more than 5000 participants every year. The swap meets in Ibiza is likewise worth a visit, particularly in case you’re a shopaholic.

Explore Alhambra in Granada

The castle of Alhambra is an unquestionable requirement visit for the two admirers of history and design and talks the tale of a mellow tease between Spain’s Arab rule and Moorish culture. The castle of Alhambra was worked as a stronghold for rulers when Spain was governed by Arabs. It was decimated during wars and afterward reestablished by Christian mediation.

The Alhambra, alongside its complicatedly made insides, roofs, and labyrinths, is additionally home to the most seasoned enduring cypress garden on the planet. A staggered garden with drinking fountains, palms, cypresses, roses and honeysuckle, the nursery seems as though it is straight out of an artwork!

Squish and throw some tomatoes at La Tomatina in Bunol

The La Tomatina, held in Buñol, is the biggest state-controlled food battle on the planet. The celebration began out of the blue at a road battle once, when a member began pelting wrongdoers with tomatoes from a vegetable merchant close by. After this, the La Tomatina celebration in the little Mediterranean town of Buñol just continued pulling in an ever-increasing number of explorers to Spain.

There are numerous exciting paella cooking challenges upon the arrival of the celebration. The tomatoes are provided by the town organization to members in enormous trucks, and are additionally cleaned out by firemen with water hoses. The acidic nature of the tomatoes goes about as a disinfectant and blanching operator for the lanes also. Discussion about having some good times while tidying up your city!

Dig into some tapas

At the point when the idea of tapas was created, the thought was to make a platter of little, reduced down food that will assist you with swallowing down a mid-dinner mixed beverage. Tapas in Spain comprise of meats like veal, venison, pork, hamburger, and fish. Bars represent considerable authority in unpredictably made tapas menus have sprung up wherever in Spain. Attempt the brilliant tapas bars in Barcelona, or basically jump into the Lavapies neighborhood in Madrid for a mouth-watering tapas determination and an extraordinarily nearby vibe.

Road trip a la ZNMD

Bolly-travel buff? This is for you! The charms of Spain are oft-covered up in an excellent open country. Take the beautiful Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara course to investigate Spain with all due closeness. Wonder about the design of Barcelona, investigate the boulevards and sea shores of Costa Brava, go on a day voyage from Valencia, stroll around the little, cobbled roads of Buñol, enjoy a few tapas in Madrid and watch the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona while encountering the sun-drenched nation on a drive!

Last words

As you can see above we have mentioned the top 10 things to do in Spain. So, it’s a perfect time to add Spain to your travel wish list this year. Check out some hot deals on virgin atlantic official site and exclusive vacation offers that include tours to multiple places and book your flight tickets today and explore this exciting place on your own.

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