Tips for Buying Drugs from an Online Pharmacy


The internet has made shopping easy and convenient. You can order medication from your phone or computer and have it delivered straight to your house. Internet shopping is also a huge plus for those who would love to keep their prescriptions private. However, online shopping comes with some risks. This is because some of the online pharmacies are run illegally by people who are not qualified to do this business. Therefore, when you are buying your medication from the internet, you ought to be very careful not to fall for these scams so make sure you get your supplies from trustworthy wholesale pharmaceuticals. Consider the following tips.

Check for Red Flags

At a glance, it may not be easily evident that a pharmacy is illegal. The website can be well designed and the owner could be offering good deals. Don’t place your order based on that. If you make a mistake and buy from an online pharmacy that is operating illegally, you could end up with fake drugs, drugs that are not effective, drugs that can cause serious side effects due to the ingredients used, and worse still, you could experience health complications. Away from the medication, the chemist owner could end up using your personal details and credit card information for illegal purposes. 

There are three key signs that can help you tell if a chemist is illegal:

  • Most illegal businesses can be willing to sell you prescription drugs even without a prescription. Therefore, keep off any store that doesn’t ask for a valid prescription from a qualified health expert when you are purchasing prescription medication.
  • Some fake online pharmacies do offer drugs at a very low cost compared to the average cost of the drugs elsewhere.
  • Most fake online pharmacies are less likely to have a qualified pharmacist who can answer technical questions from customers. 

Of course, there are many more signs to be aware of. But what more can you do to verify if the online pharmacy is legitimate? Consider the next point for some insights into the characteristics you should be looking for. 

Identifying the Genuine Pharmacy

One of the very first things legitimate online pharmacies will do when setting up is to familiarise themselves with the regulations for such businesses and then register with the pharmacy council in the country or state. It’s easy to tell if the pharmacy has fulfilled the legal requirements by checking the website for registration details and other factors. For instance, if you need to find out about, you simply go to the website and check their registration, licensing, and any seals. However, note that even the illegal ones can fake some details to make the business look very real. Thus, go a step further and verify the details with the relevant bodies governing the pharmacies. Also, if a pharmacy meets the legal requirements, but is making some compromises, like selling prescription drugs without a prescription, proceed with caution. 

Compare with Your Usual Meds

If you are buying medication that you have been using for some time, make a comparison with what the online pharmacy is offering to ensure you get the same. Where you are not sure, it’s good to consult with your doctor. Also, don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor about the side effects after you start taking your medication.

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