Top 3 Items You Probably Need To Replace On Your Semi Truck

Semi Truck

Semi-trucks take a lot of abuse while on the road. They are built tough to be able to keep going for long miles. Nonetheless, sometimes items need replacing, even beyond the usual consumable maintenance items. Fortunately, many of these parts can be easily swapped out for OEM or aftermarket replacements such as Goodyear truck tires. As you swap out worn down tires with new 11r22.5 tires, you may as well give your truck a little upgrade.

Top 3 Items To Replace On Your Semi Truck


Even the highest quality lights burn out eventually. They are run regularly and constantly exposed to the elements. While most lights are built to be watertight, they can still take a beating from wind, snow, rain and more. LED marker lights for trucks can help your cab illuminate the road and surrounding obstacles more effectively than ever before. For us, we use spot lights and driving lights from

Axle Cover

Axle covers are often chosen for their looks. However, they also protect where your axles meet your wheels. These can get beaten up by dirt and debris from the road. Consider replacing your axle covers with some new, chrome ones or another fun option. It is a simple way to add some personality to your truck while replacing something that needs to be swapped out anyway.

Vent Shades

Your vent shades let fresh air into your truck while keeping rain and debris out. This is an important function. Unfortunately, it also means that the shades take a beating as you add miles to your truck. Fortunately, there are plenty of easy-to-install vent shades for semi trucks. All you need to do is find ones you like.


The fenders over your truck’s wheels help protect the rest of your vehicle and cargo from rocks and other debris kicked up from the road. Of course, this means that they can get worn down as you drive your truck around. Consider replacing them with some new, stylish alternatives such as shiny stainless steel.

Get Started

Replacing worn down parts on your truck is easy. Don’t settle for a beat up looking truck, find some parts you like and start upgrading. And if you find yourself needing help when you’re having issues with your truck, you can always contact a Road Side Tractor Trailer Repair specialist for professional assistance.

Finally, if you aspire to be a trucker, you can look for opportunities on sites such as Los Angeles trucking companies. Moreover, you may need to secure Overweight Permits and other documents required for being a trucker.

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