What is a PBX phone system? How can it help to grow your business?


Every business needs a reliable commercial phone system to adequately meet its communication needs. In modern-day, these needs have evolved to take the shape of a secure collaboration and communication network for the organization. Today, PBX (private branch exchange) has become the preferred mode of phone system for businesses of all sizes. It presents a cost-effective and efficient platform for a voice connection. 

Let’s understand how a PBX system resolves the redundancies observed in legacy phone systems. 

What is a PBX phone system?

In simple terms, a PBX is a telephone system that transmits voice over the internet to connect phones in the network. The conventional PBX system has a switching console that converts analog voice signals into digital. This helps to reduce costs significantly.

Many PBX phone systems allow a large number of phone connections, call monitoring and tracking, call forwarding, call recording, call queues, access through desktop and mobile applications, among other features. 

What is the IP PBX phone system?

An IP PBX phone system combines both internet and robust telephony features giving it an edge over traditional phone systems. An IP PBX solution can be deployed overcloud, which means less expense on IT infrastructure and maintenance. The IP PBX phone system makes sense for businesses of all sizes, but it is the best PBX phone system for small businesses.  

Now that we have a fair understanding of the PBX phone system, let us understand how it helps businesses. 

Benefits of PBX phone system

  1. Reduced cost of communication – A PBX phone system can help to reduce your business phone bills significantly, while offering a reliable platform for communication.
  1. Unified communication platform: An IP PBX software lets you communicate with your branch offices across the world providing a unified communication and collaboration platform. At the same time, it helps you to preserve privacy by letting people reach on your extension without really knowing where you are located.
  2. Ease in deployment: The IP PBX system can be easily deployed over cloud without the need for additional expenditure on installation. You can also tweak your   current PBX hardware for upgrading to the IP PBX business phone system. 
  3. Scale with business: The IP PBX system can be easily scaled as your business grows, requiring minimal configuration changes. This makes it an ideal business solution for small business owners. 

Once you know, an IP PBX is the right solution for you, the question of finding the best PBX phone system arises. As an experienced VoIP products maker, HoduSoft offers distinct advantages over its competitors. Over 200 customers in 34 countries trust HoduSoft products for its unmatched value.  Let’s take a quick look at HoduPBX, an IP PBX software by HoduSoft. 

  1. Least Cost Routing (LCR) 

Least Cost Routing helps to route the call traffic through the least cost service provider. This cuts down both inbound and outbound call costs as they are routed through the least expensive path. 

  1. Integrated Payment Gateway

Multi-tenant IP PBX owners can use HoduPBX’s integrated payment gateway for the collection of payments from tenants. Tenant bills can be generated automatically at the due date. Integration with PayPal, Stripe, and CCAvenue payment gateways offers multiple ways to pay a bill.

  • Internet Telephony Service providers can easily keep track of millions of customer’s bills and their payments. The real-time tracking feature helps in monitoring tenant accounts. From billing to payment receipt, everything integrates seamlessly.
  • Tenants can conveniently make payment directly through the Integrated Payment Gateway. It saves time and encourages users to make prompt payments.
  1. Auto Provisioning

HoduPBX provides dashboard control of auto-provisioning that gives you the flexibility to self-configure IP phones and assign permissions. Firmware libraries and configuration files of most SIP phones are built into the solution for automatic recognition and configuration. 

These features are beneficial for remote work and work from home. Employees working remotely can access IP PBX features easily by entering the provisioning URL to the phone after plugging it into an ethernet cable.

  1. Reseller Module 

The reseller module in the multi-tenant IP PBX version allows ISPs, ITSPs, and telecom players to add resellers so clients use IP PBX services. 

  1. Audio conferencing

HoduPBX provides superior quality audio conferencing features in its multi-tenant IP PBX software. The software can be scaled as per need and has unique features like ad hoc conference, mute or unmute, and conference recording options. 

  1. Real-time analytics and reports

HoduSoft’s hosted PBX software produces the reports easily, quickly, and efficiently. With the gained insights from the data, you can easily focus on the KPIs of your business. It shows real-time analytics that helps to track and improve overall performance, enhance customer experience, increase productivity, and make data-driven decisions. 

A PBX phone system is useful for both long-term and short-term use. Many IP PBX software providers offer flexible plans for payment which takes away the stress of cost. A robust PBX system for small businesses, HoduPBX can be deployed over the cloud. 

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