What type of mattress is considered to be the best for the side sleepers?


Did you know the fact that near about 15% of all grown-ups prefer to slumber on their sides with their legs stretched out as much as possible? Studies have revealed that there is a group of adults around 41% of them likesto sleep in an actual fetal position with their back is arched and their legs are slightly bent. Now, the question is- do side sleepers need a different type of mattress type?

Side sleeping is very common amid women who are presently pregnant simply because of the reason that this position allows them to easily accommodate the bumps of their growing baby. You need to bear in mind that this is a challenging position to catch up sleep and there are loads of pressure points which could hypothetically trigger pain in part of the body in the long run. So, side sleepers should think about buying the best mattress in India.

A good quality mattress is unquestionably considered to be the most significant things that are designed in a manner to offer you the desired rest and comfort.

Selecting the spot-on one, though, is quite dauntingas there certain facts that you need to take into consideration. This is where we would like to come forward and provide you with the information related to the right mattress that you need to pick when you are a side sleeper.

Challenges that many side sleepers face

Pressure Points Cause Pain

When you sleep on your side, the reality is that you tend to create weight pressure over a small area and can result in making different parts of the body more exposed to experiencing uneasiness provided you aren’t very mindful. The area that takes a lot of bearing during side sleeping is your lower back.The more continuous the pressure is, the more austere the pain becomes eventually, which can further bring about chronic pain.

Hip and Shoulder pain

Hip pain usually starts to become morenoticeable and tricky and bothersome to handle in women especially who are presently pregnant and more likely to snooze in the fetal position. Their lower back is typicallyarched, with knees pointing towards the upper body. It actually puts a huge amount of continuous pressure on hips as they are basically not in a comfortable position. Another major concern for the side sleepers is that they feel stiffness and pain around their shoulder as well due to constant compression while sleeping.

Neck pain

When you sleep on your sides, the main concentration of pressure will be on your neck, which usually results in nasty stiffness, and restrainsyou to move your neck to a certain level. That’s the last thing that you would ever like to experience.

How different types of best mattress in India affect the sleep quality of side sleepers?

Memory Foam

The most preferred choice when it comes to this type, a good memory foam mattress (for side sleepers) is something that you might wish to think through. The reality is that there are a lot of benefits of buying a solution of this sort for different reasons.

When you are looking for a mattress for side sleepers, the most critical thing that you need to look is whether or not it adapts to body contour.


The fabrication method of innerspring makes them a convenient mattress. To begin with, the overall breathability and airflow of these mattresses are unmatched to whatever is available in the market. So, will this type of mattress will be good for side sleepers? Well, some old-school coil mattresses may not be a perfect choice.


A hybrid mattress is one that syndicates the comfy support given by the steel coil system with added layers of foam. However, ensure premium quality memory foam is used. This type of mattress can be another best option after memory foam for side sleepers.

Wrapping up

As you can notice yourself, there are perhaps quite a few things that you need to take into consideration when it comes to buying the best mattress in India for side sleepers. The discomfort of the sleeping position entails you to actsensibly and to make the right choice tothwart any further problems.

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