When Do You Know It’s Time for Treatment?


Prescription drugs and illegal drugs both can cause health issues when overused. Overuse of these drugs can cause problems like memory loss, anxiety attacks, tooth damage, etc. Like the popular myth of waiting till you get desperately crazy or get a meltdown to go for a cure, you shouldn’t delay the treatment. Ignoring the symptoms and slowing the procedure can make matters worse and out of control. So, here are a few conditions seeing which you should know it is time for treatment.

1. Significant anxiety

Everyone experiences tension and stress in their everyday life. A little bit of anxiety keeps us motivated to finish the task and react fast in case of emergencies. But excessive fear and anxiety are the symptoms of anxiety disorder. If stress is causing problems in doing everyday life chores at home or work, then it’s time to seek help from a medical professional. You lack enthusiasm, concentration, and the drive to finish your tasks. Maybe you also feel overwhelmed and stop talking to your friends and coworkers. If these symptoms continue for a week or two, then you must get treatment.

2. Nothing you’ve done seems to have helped.

Sometimes even after trying meditation, exercise, and yoga, which help in combating the stress, you don’t get relief. You feel depressed or anxious for weeks and try different coping mechanisms. You seek online support or read articles or self-help books to cope up and reverse the sadness, and a sluggish feeling. When your coping mechanism doesn’t seem to help you in controlling these compulsive behaviors, it is a sign that you must talk to a therapist.

3. Loss of Appetite and Changes in Sleep Patterns

Any new life changes like moving to a new place, getting a new home, or switching your job may interrupt your eating and sleeping habits. It takes time for your body and mind to adjust to a new routine. Once your brain gets comfortable with the new routine, everything falls into place. But if you notice these changes in patterns without any of your life changes, then it might be a sign of mental illness. Sleeping too little or too much could be a sign of a disorder like anxiety or depression. Loss of appetite and frequent change in your weight are indications of depression. Timely mental health treatment will help you in getting back to leading a healthy life. Get started here if you are looking for a center for mental health treatment. For those who have eating disorders, Rosewood Ranch is an eating disorder treatment program in Wickenburg AZ.

4. Trying to alleviate symptoms by overusing drugs/alcohol

Commonly, people switch to something like alcohol, drug, or cigarettes to find comfort and to destress. When done in moderation, these are fine. But the situation gets out of control when you start to over-use it. For example, people with bipolar symptoms try to calm themselves by drinking alcohol, which aggravates the situation. It, in turn, adds a new problem like addiction to the underlying issue. You use these substances as a distraction from reality. Sometimes you take out your frustration and anger on your loved ones to make yourself feel better. If you find yourself in such a situation, then it is time to start looking for treatment. In addition, if you’re pregnant and on drugs, you need Pregnant Addiction Recovery services.

5. Withdrawal and Disconnection from Others

Some people need more time to themselves than others. In a good scenario, they use the time alone to rest, recharge, and center themselves before re-engaging with the world. But when that alone time leads to further withdrawal and disconnection from family, friends, and activities that were once considered pleasurable, it could indicate a mental health issue. Isolation is a symptom of depression, bipolar disorder, substance abuse, and other mental health conditions that require professional treatment. 

6. Losing something or someone important to you.

One of the most tormenting experiences in everyone’s life happens when you lose your loved one, go through a breakup, a divorce, or lose a job. It is a period of numbness, sorrow, anger, and guilt. It is normal to experience grief, and gradually accept the loss and move on. Grieving experience is different for different people. Some people move on with time, but for some exhaust and impair themselves even after a long time. For recovering from these painful emotions, they need counseling. It will help you in resuming your life by accepting reality. 

7. Experienced something traumatic

Experience of any trauma like abuse, assault, accident, or victim of a crime can be very upsetting and can lead to chronic illness. They evoke disturbing feelings that gradually resolve with time. However, if these feelings last for a long time, you have no one to share the feeling with, and it gives you nightmares and sleepless nights, then it is time to see a medical professional.

8. Trying to quit drugs

Managing the withdrawal symptoms is the first step towards quitting drugs and detoxifying. Attempting to recover from an addiction can be challenging to manage the anxiety and anger. It should not make you feel suicidal or hopeless. But if you think you are losing control over yourself and cannot tolerate, then get help immediately. If you don’t take the treatment on time, then it can lead to self-harm, suicidal thoughts, and aggression. You may read more about it here.

9. Friends and family avoid you

Your family and friends are everything. You share your happiness and sorrows with them, and they are always there for you. But sometimes they might start feeling overwhelmed by listening to your problems. They start ignoring and avoiding you. They stop answering your calls and text messages without any clarification. These situations are a sign that it is time for you to take treatment and reach out to an expert who will help solve your problem.


The above are a few of the signs which tell you that it is time to take treatment. The severe mental issue will need a more rigorous treatment. The opportunity of taking treatment benefits you in resolving the specific problems you are going through. The sooner you start the treatment, the faster you can bounce back into life.

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