Why is it worth trying a memory foam mattress?

Memory foam

Have you been in two minds about trying foam mattresses as you have read dreadful reviews about how hot they tend to get? Or, perhaps you are so much satisfied with your traditional innerspring mattress, so why is there any need to change it?

Well, foam mattresses are not as bad as it has been projected online. In this post, we have tried to put together some of the most logical reasons that might change your perception about the foam mattress and you think about giving it a try.

Let’s get started!

Some Brief Facts on Foam

Memory foam is previously referred to as viscoelastic memory foam, was initially engineered by NASA to help astronauts reverse the effects of the gravitational pull at the time of spaceship take-off. Today, memory foam is mainly touted for the pressure point relief properties.

Many people consider buying memory foam because of the body shape contouring feature.

Unlike innerspring mattresses that tend to change shape only when an adequate amount of weight is put on it, memory foam immediately accommodates the sleeper’s unique body shape and relieves pressure on the shoulder, neck and back.

Now that you have become familiar with the contouring abilities of memory foam, here are some effective ways that you can adopt to leverage the benefits of foam mattress:

Foam is robust and long-lasting.

The foam is engineered in a manner that it doesn’t become sagging like the innerspring mattress. On an average, memory foam lasts up to 10 years. What’s more, a bed mattress will continue to offer optimal support for more than a decade provided you take good care of them.

Memory foam mattresses are quite simple to clean.

You don’t need to spend hours to keep your foam mattress pristine clean. You just need to vacuum the surface of the mattress often to get rid of dirt or dust particles. Besides, just flip mattress every 2 to 3 months.

Dust mite free

Memory foam mattresses don’t attract dust mites simply because the foam material doesn’t give breed ground to dust mites. It has hypoallergenic properties that inhibit allergens to breed. This is the reason why memory foam is perfect for those who suffer from allergies.

Memory foam is constantly evolving  

Nowadays, you will find different varieties of memory foam mattress available online. Each variety will offer you unique benefits. For instance, gel-based memory foam mattresses come with proper air ventilation properties that will keep you cool while sleeping.

Accommodates any bed frame and base

The foam mattress is flexible and tends to bounce-back which enables them to easily accommodate on any type of bed base without any problem.

Additionally, for effective rehabilitation and recovery, consider investing in an injury mattress available at Forte Health Care. These specialized mattresses can significantly contribute to your comfort and recovery process after an injury.

Concluding thoughts

Ultimately, a memory foam mattress is a perfect pick for people with varying requirements. 

Whether you are someone who sleeps on your side, back or stomach, a foam mattress will allow you to sleep soundly and restfully night after night. Plus, it will be a one time investment for you as it is going to last for years to come, shop here now.

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