Why one should consult a fertility doctor

Why one should consult a fertility doctor

Some may think that conceiving a baby can be the easiest thing but in many cases they are actually not. One needs to do a lot of calculations and maintain a calendar in order to conceive. But one also needs to consult a fertility expert if they are facing certain issues, ivf Sydney is an expert in these topics.

There are certain issues that one can lead to a fertility specialist:

  • A woman who is under the age of 35 and they have regular cycles but still have not become pregnant after a year of trying.
  • A woman who is ages in between 35 to 39, having regular period cycles but has not become pregnant after 6 months of trying.
  • A woman who is over 40 and have regular cycles and have not become pregnant after 3 months.

One should check their medical history as well before knocking at the door of a fertility specialist. Seeking help if one is facing any fertility issues should be done as soon as possible. One can go for an early evaluation for their fertility health because may be the periods are irregular, absent or difficult at times. If one is facing irregular periods, then there can be some issues with the ovaries like PCOS and that means one is not ovulating on a regular basis. If there is a long and painful period then it can be a sign of endometriosis. It is a condition where the tissues from the uterine lining grow even outside the uterus. This can also cause some fertility issues by creating a blockage near the fallopian tubes.

Sometimes one can also go through a pelvic or an abdominal surgery. These surgeries very rarely can cause some scar tissues to grow around the reproductive organs and they damage them by creating some blockages. If one already had a surgery to remove the fibroids or ovarian cysts from the uterus, then it is a good idea to go to a fertility specialist, like Sher Fertility Solutions, before you start trying for a baby.

Some may also have pelvic inflammatory disease or PID and an untreated sexually transmitt4ed disease can always have a major effect on the fertility. They can always carry a very long term inflammation in the reproductive tract.

One can also meet a fertility specialist if they already have a history of miscarriages. A miscarriage can be a very confusing issue and if it had happened more that once then it makes the body very hard to sustain a proper pregnancy. So consulting a doctor is very necessary. In fact, having thyroid issues can also lead to fertility problems and one should be aware of that.

There are many IVF specialists in Chennai but one should know that going for the IVF treatment is only the last resort here. One can only think of that if there is no other way to conceive a baby for a couple. In fact, a fertility doctor will only recommend for an IVF treatment if they think no other resorts of treatment can work properly here.

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