7 Tips for Protecting Your Business Premises


No matter how big or small your business premises is, you’ll always want to protect it. Larger premises call for more security measures, but are there any methods that you’re missing? Let the following list help you set up your business premises in the best possible way to maintain its safety and the safety of your workers.

1. Set Up Security Cameras 

Security cameras not only protect your business with a continuous monitoring feed, but they also serve as a deterrent if they are in full view. Be sure to set up security cameras near main entrances and exits, and any blind spots around the building which you may consider vulnerable. 

2. Install Relevant Alarms 

Alarms are both a health and safety necessity, as well as a step against crime. You should think about getting fire alarm systems as well as a burglar alarm from professional suppliers who you can depend on for your alarm to always work when it needs to, as well as ongoing support and servicing for it. 

Using fire alarm monitoring service is also essential to keep your employees and property safe, go to website to read more.

3. Consider an Access Gate 

If you want to have full control over who comes near your premises, then an access gate stationed away from your building, such as the end of the car park or road, can be very beneficial for full control over who enters the property, especially in vehicles. This way, you can control access through a speaker system or have someone at the gate who is able to speak to any visitors beforehand. 

4. Keep Doors Closed 

It’s easy to keep front doors or access doors such as warehouse doors open throughout the day for ease of use, especially if you have constant arrivals of deliveries or stock. However, doors which are permanently open throughout the day may allow individuals to easily slip through. Be sure doors such as warehouse shutters like these roller shutters Sydney are kept closed whenever deliveries are not being made and try not to have any other doors propped open. 

5. Carry Out a Risk Assessment 

The best way to understand the threats to your business premises is by carrying out a risk assessment so that vulnerabilities can be addressed, and you can take action against them. This is part of Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

6. Always Have an Attendant at Entrances 

Always consider having a specific person to greet visitors, such as a receptionist or front desk staff. Or, you could have an official security guard at the entrance if your premises is large enough and warrants one. You can consider the service of edmonton security guard company if you need to hire one.

If you’re not able to have an individual stationed in this way, then at least implement a system which means any visitors cannot get further beyond until speaking with somebody. You could install a doorbell system or a locked door which means they must inform somebody that they have arrived before they can proceed.

7. Take Out Insurance 

You’ll always want to take out the right insurance policy against any dangers to your business premises. This should include insurance against crime, as well as natural disasters such as storm damage and flood damage. This is so convenient for hiring flood damage restoration experts that’s covered with insurance.

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