Amazing Themes for Sangeet Ceremony on Your Wedding


Sangeet is one of the events which is looked forward to the most. The reason being, it is the day, when people let themselves free, in the midst of all the chaos and the tension that is usually there during the wedding season. Fortunately, there are services like that wedding choreography where people can develop their dancing skills.

To make the Sangeet interesting, there should be a need to have a theme decided for the Sangeet. Given below are a few of the most popular themes for a Sangeet.

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  • The Starry Night Theme: This is a very modern theme that instils the romantic feeling amongst all the people. There can be a passionate dance of the couple also, which can be planned, which will be the highlight of the whole show. 
  • The Mela Theme: This is sort of a very vivid theme. This will add a whole lot of colour for the entire event, and can even be an attractive look at night. This is usually preferred when the Sangeet and the Mehndi is combined. 
  • The Arabian Nights Theme: This is different from the customarily considered themes. It gives a minimalistic but at the same time, a vibrant look to the whole Sangeet. You can also have a unique choreography, and the Dance training services at low cost in India.
  • A Hollywood Theme Night: If you are not a massive fan of the Bollywood, then, you can always opt for the Hollywood option. Make sure that everyone is dressed in accordance with the theme, and this will make it even more fun and exciting. You can also host an Oscar at the end of the evening. 
  • Have a Karaoke Night: This way everyone will be involved, people of different age groups will pitch into the show, as opposed to just sitting idly and watching the show. 

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