How to Become a Celebrity Makeup Artist?


“Makeup is the most powerful way to effectively reveal something unique about one’s inner self,” and the runways are witness to it. From the ‘no-makeup’ makeup look involving the classic red lip for that eye-catching pop of colour to the all-dramatic look of Euphoria-inspired eyes, washes of disco blush, and graphic arrow eyeliner, the creative scope for a budding makeup artist is practically endless.

And much has been said about the unique relationship that exists between a celebrity and their personal makeup artist – a relationship of trust and friendship. Do you also have a passion for makeup and wish to become not just a professional but a celebrity makeup artist? Then, this guide is for you – given below is all that it takes to master the art and land your first celebrity client!

Enrolling in for a Makeup Course 

The very first step towards becoming a successful celebrity makeup artist is to learn the tools of the trade via a professional course. In such courses, students receive an in-depth understanding of facial shapes, suitable makeup for different skin tones and why, theory of colour-mixing, different application styles, and current trends in the cosmetic industry. Getting schooled applies to all aspirants, even those who wish to go against the grain with avante-garde styles; after all, one must first learn the rules to break them. 

For a 360-degree learning experience, it is best to learn professional makeup artist course from internationally-acclaimed institutions such as the Pearl Academy. Coupled with technical assistance from the London College of Fashion, the academy offers a comprehensive, up-to-date fashion media and makeup curriculum that keeps abreast with the phenomenal pace of the beauty industry.

Looking for Freelancing and Internship Opportunities 

After acquiring a professional degree, the next step is to practice the trade; numerous freelancing and internship opportunities are available today, both at local in-store retail counters and on the virtual space. Self-practising and assisting an established makeup artist helps in learning the expert techniques faster and allows one to come face-to-face with the demands of a professional workplace. 

Freelancing and interning are the secret sauce behind many a celebrity makeup artists’ success. For instance – Vincent Oquendo, the makeup artist for celebrities like Lily Collins and Karlie Kloss says that he “started out in a freelance position at the Stila makeup counter at Saks Fifth Avenue, New York.” Plus, Oquendo spent time assisting Pat McGrath before getting his big break to Hollywood. 

Putting Together a Personal Makeup Kit 

A professional makeup artist in general and a celebrity makeup artist, in particular, has a well-put-together personal makeup kit full of high-end and high-street brands for a crisp and clean finish. However, owning one that has all the right products can be really expensive, something which Monika Blunder, makeup artist to celebrities like Gemma Chan and Amanda Seyfried, agrees with. Blunder advises beginners to never compromise on the brand and quality of foundation and skincare products like anti-aging skincare from ManukaRx. However, she says, “You can mix up drugstore products too – buy lipsticks, eyeliners, and mascaras” from such outlets. Even affordable eye-shadow palettes can be found in local stores. 

The top five products that celebrity makeup artists love are – Soft liquid foundation, facial mist, brow pencils, tweezers, and eye-drops. 

Building Lasting Relationships 

Throughout the journey as an intern and freelance makeup artist, crossing paths with numerous clients and brands will be inevitable. Such clients and brands are highly valuable connections who can offer the next break via their word-of-mouth marketing. Hence, it is essential to build strong, long-term relations with them. The way to do so is to first deliver impeccable work, build trust via staying consistent, remain authentic, transparent, and respectful of their personal opinions and privacy, and offer discounts every now and then. 

Finally, it is constant practice that makes excellence attainable. Additionally, on getting the first break (read celebrity client), it always pays off to do due diligence by looking up recent photographs of the client, preparing colour charts and mood boards, researching their general work and style, etc. to stay well-prepared with some good understanding of their expectations in advance.

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