How to Make the Google Play Store Algorithm Rank Your App Better?


Every app developer wants to ensure ranks in the Google Play Store for enhanced visibility that translates into new downloads. But with the staggering competition all around, it is challenging for the apps to secure app ranking. Well, this is why it is essential to know the most impressive measures to make the Google algorithm discover and rank your app better. 

As far as official ranking factors are considered, the number and quality of rating are the topmost one, followed by the number of downloads and growth in downloads. The number of drop-off users or uninstalls is another crucial factor, followed by the level of usage. 

Lastly, it is the core elements of the app’s Play Store presence that become decisive. The incoming links to your app page in the Play Store, the app description in the Play Store, and the use of keywords can also impact your app’s visibility in the Play Store. A demonstrating video showcasing the app’s key value propositions can also be very useful in Play Store ranking. 

Let’s remember that in some markets where Android is in the leading position, mastering Google algorithms can have significant outcomes. When you hire app developers from India, you can get the benefits of full play store optimization services, as it is an Android dominated market. 

Now we will explain some of the most useful tips to master the Google Play Store algorithm for improving app ranks. 

Perfect Store Listing

As per Google, you create a perfect store listing with every constituent element that can play a vital role in ensuring the app’s discoverability. The Play Store listing consists of key components such as app title, app description, promotional text, and keywords.

Since this is something one sees first after the app appears on the mobile screen, it needs to be perfect. The title of the app should be easily searchable and intuitive. Make the title unique and without cliche phrases or words; keep it engaging, short, and thoroughly relevant to the app niche. 

When you have perfected the app title, it is important to make the description perfect. Use the most relevant keywords to help find the app through a play store search. But avoid stuffing keywords as this can affect your listing negatively. Create also a single line promo text that catches the spirit of your app.  

  Using High-Quality Graphics 

Forgiving your app, a better chance of ranking higher in the Play Store, you also need to use high-quality graphics. The graphic elements include an attention-grabbing app icon, quality images, and relevant screenshots of your app. 

To help your search results stand apart visibility, you need to pay attention to all these things. The app icon is to be designed as eye-catchy, convincing, and memorable. Make sure you don’t opt for a very commonplace or generic color choice. 

You should also use relevant screenshots that perfectly describe your app and offer the look and feel of the app. The app screenshots you use should showcase the top features and the most important value propositions. Use the most screenshots that showcase the user experience.

Reach Out to a Wider Audience

For achieving a higher search ranking, you need to target a wider and diverse audience. Though language barriers are there, Google offers help by automatically delivering machine translations of the app listings in Play Store.

You also can get the help of a professional service for translating the app features and app description. Since the automatic translations have their limitations, professional services to mitigate the Ja gauge barriers can always be highly effective. 

Often by translating the description through a human translator of 

third-party vendor, one can increase the chances of making a convincing App Store presence across regions. 

To opt for the different translations of the app listing, you can get help from the 

Google Play Developer Console itself. Within the console, go to the “Store Listing” tab and tap on “Manage Translations” followed by another tap on “Purchase Translations”. 

Apart from this option, you can always opt for hiring your professional language expert of choice so that you can translate all the text of the app listing manually. It is always a lot easier and effortless to buy the 3rd party vendors’ translation services right from Google’s own console. This will easily help your app to get wider exposure to a broader audience. 

Ensuring A Standout User Experience (UX)

Finally, the app’s user experience helps your app become popular and searched for. The app should be developed and designed in such a way that it instantly grabs attention and makes users happy about the things they can do with it. 

The app needs to be high performing and fast-paced and should offer easier and intuitive navigation. Since the download numbers directly impact the search ranking, great app performance and smooth user experience are must-have factors. Without a great user experience, an app misses the basic value proposition for Play Store ranking.  


We all know that when an app achieves a higher rank in the Google Play Store, it becomes easier to find it. But to ensure a higher-ranked app listing, you need to consider all the organic factors leading to this. We described here the most impactful factors for Google algorithms to find an app and rank it higher. You need to stick to these factors and utilize them to ensure consistent ranking in the Play Store leading to higher traction and downloads.

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