How to Maintain Sliding Glass Doors


Maintenance is an essential part of life, especially home living. When things are maintained, there is less need for repairs and less of a chance for things to go wrong! This is just as true when it comes to sliding glass doors.

Sliding glass doors open up a space like no others can. They offer an uninhibited view of the outside world while protecting from the elements. They also allow an impressive amount of daylight into the home, a sleek and stylish look, and can add value to any property.

If one is lucky enough to own the outstanding invention that is the sliding glass door, then information on how to maintain this beautiful door design must be available.

How to Fix a Slow Sliding Glass Door

Sometimes things get stuck, clogged up, or run down, and this can very much be the case for sliding glass doors. Once the procedure for cleaning out the tracks has been followed, there should be an improvement! However, if this isn’t the case, there is always the option to lubricate the track on which the glass doors slide.

Just pick up some WD-40 or some lubricant spray, and spray liberally along the track!

Cover Glass USA is a specialist company that provides first-class assistance and exceptional craftsmanship when it comes to glass doors! For other issues and advice – get in touch!

Handle Sliding Doors with Care and Keep Tracks Clear!

A crucial step to maintaining sliding glass doors is to handle them with care at all times. Handling sliding glass doors roughly can affect the mechanisms that make the doors glide, the tracks, but could also damage the surrounding area of the glass.

To ensure the tracks of the sliding glass doors remain in excellent condition, some simple steps can be taken.

Everyday household items will be more than efficient to use for regular maintenance, which includes:

  • Water
  • An Old Toothbrush
  • Cloth
  • Non-abrasive household cleaner 
  • Vacuum
  • Butter Knife

Simply hoover up the debris that might have gotten caught in the tracks, along with cobwebs and other dusty issues! If something is particularly challenging to remove, use a butter knife or a toothbrush to gently lift the obstruction. Using warm soapy water (or a non-abrasive cleaner for more stubborn problems), wash away any dirt and left-over residue and wipe up with a cloth or paper towel!

Crack Open the Glass Cleaner

Cleaning windows is a staple when it comes to glass maintenance, and for sliding glass doors, it is no different! Whether you need to get regular window cleaning for your storefront, home, or office building, reputable commercial window cleaners similar to Master Window Cleaners can schedule a routine that works for everyone. They make it a point to work with clients to come up with the most effective yet cost-effective solution to ensure sparkling clean windows throughout the year.

Cleaning windows can be messy, time-consuming and may involve working off a ladder. For those that want a really deep clean, find some of the following household items to get the sliding glass doors in pristine condition!

  • Dish Soap or Window Cleaning Solution 
  • Water
  • Dry Cloth 
  • Window Squeegee 

Simply dip the window squeegee into the window cleaner solution, or hot dish soapy water, and drag the solution down the glass wall panes from top to bottom. Use a dry cloth to mop up any access water on the glass and pay attention to any drips that might fall down into the tracks.

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