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We all know that managing a shopping mall is never a small feat. Mall management comprises sequences of different operations to look forward such as lease, purchase and renting, events and promotions, managing footfall, quality control and compliance. The operations also include floor maintenance, crowd management and taking care of all related vitals of a mall.

To mark a niche for your mall and shopping complex in this competitive market, it becomes truly essential to look for different aspects that deliver a great experience to its visitors and stakeholders. With thriving competition, it has become the need of an hour to give due importance to common area maintenance and other essentials of running a successful mega shopping complex.

The million dollar question is: Will technology help?

SAP Business One ERP is specifically designed to suit the varied needs of retail operations and mega mall. The software enables retail operators and mega retail chain owners to manage and control the entire lifecycle of business.

Mall Industry is Undergoing a Major Digital Transformation

The Indian retail industry is witnessing a major time where there’s a need for consistent digital transformation. Every other day new shopping complex and retail mega chains are emerging. With rising competition to attract visitors and investors, there has to be a cutting-edge system that can confront all business challenges with ease and precision.. Right from workforce management to allocating assets to finance and ambiance- the retail store needs a solution that can cater to different departments flawlessly. With a robust solution in place, such as erp software in Noida, all departments can have centralized information at a place.

Few Interesting Features of Mall Management Software

Give your mall manager the point-of-sale (POS) functionality they need to excel. Designed for retail businesses, the ERP solution supports all common requirements from sales, payments, discounts, loyalty management.

The software enables your mall and retail store managers to carry out their daily operations from a single software. Whether they want to look into inventory, need to track sales of a particular outlet or chain, supply chain or loyalty management, they can have real-time benefits of implementing ERP software. Few other benefits are mentioned below.

  • Managing entire operations of Mall
  • Housekeeping and maintenance management
  • Lease Management
  • Crowd Management and Space Planning
  • Rent Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Master Data Management
  • Assets Management

Cloud ERP can be a good consideration

Generally, cloud ERP makes a better choice for multi-chain retail operations.

A cloud system is more flexible, scalable and cost-effective. You can opt for a pay-as-you-go model and save lots of money.

ERP software India can be a real asset to any organization if the implementation team is carried by the certified team members. It would be no surprise to say that shopping mall management is becoming a hassle-free task by bringing an enterprise-ready software.

To encapsulate, the mall management industry is undergoing a seismic shift and the customers today are more demanding and have a great set of expectations from the retailers and shopping mall owners. So, it becomes highly imperative to stay ahead of the time and bring in power-packed ERP software such as SAP Business One.

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