The Well-known Facts and Solutions About Dandruff


Most of us in our lives encounter the dandruff problem at any point. The embarrassing white flakes will make you irritating physically and mentally. Managing healthy scalp and hair is not an easy thing. We must understand the root cause behind all those problems like dandruff. Here are some facts and solutions to them. Try to have a look!

Fact #1: Dandruff is merely your membrane cells shredding off
All the human shreds the skin cells and scalp cells all the time. The normal rate of shredding is 30,000 per minute. It is considered as flakes when high shredding rate appears.

Solution:  the everyday cleaning of the scalp and hair daily with a mild shampoo will help a lot in preventing dandruff.

Fact #2: microorganism grounds dandruff

 Sudden flaking won’t appear overnight. The excess production of the oil will accelerate the growth of the naturally occurring yeast. The huge amount of yeast deposited along with the dirt will precipitate the shredding. That appears as the white flakes and is dandruff.

Solution: Use an anti-dandruff shampoo with mild, established anti-dandruff, anti-microbial actives. Make use of the best ketoconazole shampoo available in the market.

Fact #3: Oily scalp causes dandruff
opposite to the normal and common misconception, the oily scalp causes dandruff. Not the dry scalp. At extreme weather conditions like winter season that may occur. Never get confused with the two cases.

Solution: cleanse hair frequently with a gentle shampoo to keep away from surplus oiliness. Balance out the moisture content on the scalp with a good quality scalp conditioner or serum. You can purchase reusable white shampoo bottles here.

Fact #4: What you eat matters too!
It is an unbelievable fact- the food can control dandruff. Many high-fat foods will encourage sebum production and excess oil on the scalp. Some other food items containing Vitamin B, and micro-nutrients like zinc and boron, prevent the growth of the fungi up to an extent.

Solution: consumption of a healthy diet with the inclusion of fruits and vegetables, taking lean meat in the place of red meat will help to control the microbes on the scalp.

Fact #5: your stress level affects the dandruff intensity

It may be surprising to note down that emotional health plays a crucial role in the generation of dandruff. The high mental stress and tensions will alter the hormone balance in the body.

Solution: be in control of the emotions.   For dreadful conditions, one can use anti-dandruff shampoo ketoconazole in India.

Winding up,

Remember, getting rid of dandruff is not a one-time action. The dandruff is a recurring problem. One has to do the correct measures to keep things under control. It is better to know the root cause and start the remedies immediately. Starting from the hair care routines, one has to take care of many other elements too. Even the food we eat, the emotional unbalance can have a great influence on dandruff growth. Know your exact problem and never hesitate to take the valuable advice from the experts.

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