Top Cities that offer Best Student Life in USA

A vantage point in New York Harbor, the iconic island of Manhattan lies just ahead. An eclectic mix of buildings spreads across the city, creating a colorful skyline. In the foreground, just ahead and to the left, the Statue of Liberty stands guard.

USA itself being in the top countries to study abroad, many students, all around the world look forward to study abroad in USA. With a quality and happening life style, a rich academic background and a future full of possibilities, the country has a lot to offer. Here is the list of best student cities in USA:

  1. Boston:

Ranked at No.1 in the QS World University Ranking for best student cities in the USA, Boston comes as thirteenth best student cities in the world. Boston houses tow of world’s top 5 Universities: First ranked MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and 3rd placed Harvard University.  Both of them have a high ratio when it comes to scholarship to study in USA for Indian Students. It is one of the most diverse cities in America, especially academically. 23 percent of the total students in Boston have immigrated from outside of the United States of America. Boston is one of the most economically Powerful cities. The city offers the best recruiters for the students, and the employability activity in Boston is as equal as London in rankings (2nd place).

  1. New York:

Who would not want to live in New York once in their lifetime? Ranked at number 2 as the best student city in the United States of America, and 18th all over the world, students all over the world look forward to New York. The most fascinating thing about New York City is the stay back options and opportunities after study that the city has on offer. In one of the world’s most fast-paced city, the diversity is another aspect to look forward to. With 36% of the city’s population being foreign-born, the cultural-diversity is as vibrant as it can get.

  1. Los Angeles:

3rd in the USA and 35th in the world, Los Angeles, the city of Dreams, or Creative capital of the word, or the home to Hollywood, is the best place to go if you are looking for a career in creative field. One out of fix residents in the Los Angeles works in any kind of Creative Industry. More than 40 percent of the people living in Los Angeles, California are foreign-born. With Asians and Mexicans making the highest portion of that foreign-born demographics. Home to California Institute of Technology, University of California, and University of Southern California, Los Angeles is the place with 3 of its universities in World’s top 150 according to QS World Rankings.

  1. San Francisco:

San Francisco is the 4th best student city in the USA, and 38th when it comes to all over the world. It houses World’s second best university, Stanford. After Boston, San Francisco also ranks high in employability activity. The reasons behind that are Stanford University and the world famous hub for technology and software development, Silicon Valley (known for Facebook, Apple and IBM).  It is known for high quality famous American lifestyle, but at cheaper costs than other similar cities like New York. San Francisco is also home to University of California, Berkeley. UCB is ranked at No.27 in the World University Rankings.

  1. Chicago:

Chicago, the city of skyscrapers, or the windy city, is home to University of Chicago and Northwestern University, which are at 9th and 28th in the World University Rankings. Chicago is at No. 5 for best student cities in USA, and at 40 in all over the world. Along with Boston and San Francisco, Chicago also offers one of the best employability activities within the city. Culturally, it is known for the music culture it has developed over the years, especially in Jazz and Blues genres. Broadway Theatres and Chicago Style Pizza add to the experience if you are living in the city.

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