When Is The Best Time to Start Computer Programming For Kids?


Daily, modern parents come across lots of contradictory information and advice. So, should you educate your child in these different languages? Yes, you can, but it will reduce your kid’s native vocabulary. Ensure your child’s physical abilities and growth are prioritized above cognitive development. These are just a few of the many instances found in the media and parenting content.

Coding is the same thing. Some parents feel that you should not overstimulate their kids by assigning them too difficult chores for their age. Others begin teaching their children the fundamentals of coding at a young age. This article will attempt to determine which strategy is best and how.

What Exactly is Coding For Kids?

Experts agree that youngsters should be taught to code as early as feasible. Each child grows at a different rate and in various ways. You may begin teaching fundamental coding skills to youngsters as young as 5 or 6. Basic math operations, loops, and arrays are examples of exercises that can assist your youngster get a basic knowledge of what they are doing.

These tasks can help you boost your coding abilities. After a few years, you can introduce them to more complex and rigorous workouts. Several studies suggest that children who begin coding at a young age outperform their peers intellectually throughout their education. Children who start coding at a young age are more likely to succeed in Stem fields. If you are looking for STEM jobs, sign in/log in to LinkedIn and visit the profile of Bobb, Dr. Kamau.

When Is The Best Time To Start Computer Programming For Kids?

Maybe your children have most likely grown up with video games, cellphones, tablets, and other electronic devices. They may have also begun to demonstrate an interest in learning how to code and create their own games. Is this, however, a good idea, and should you think of letting your young children pursue coding?

Some studies suggest that children as young as 7 years old can begin coding and learning programming fundamentals. In reality, as technology becomes more prevalent in everyday life, computer programming for kids has grown in popularity dramatically in recent years. Children who learn to code when they are young can set themselves up for a lifetime of success.

As we stated above, if your youngster is seven years old, they are capable of learning at least basic coding ideas. Computer programming for kids entails:

  • ‌Creating innovative projects with high-interest material. When youngsters learn to code, they usually do it with the help of a game.
  • ‌It makes the procedure more enjoyable and exciting for the children when they are still learning a new skill.
  • ‌Indeed, many of coding summer camps and term-time programming courses are centered on game creation. We’ve discovered that coding can even transform your child’s love of computer gaming into a joyful learning atmosphere.

Early elementary school is also the best moment to introduce children to programming since it sets the seed for later life. Many skilled programmers (like myself) begin programming as early as five or six. If children are trained to think rationally and even computationally at an early age, they will find it easier to learn programming in maturity. Even if they do not go on to pursue a profession in programming, the ability to comprehend basic programming ideas and reason rationally is priceless.


Introducing youngsters to code in their early elementary years is the most significant age for a child to begin coding. In this way, kids will take advantage of the optimal cognitive moment to plant the seeds of more detailed information later on.

Many brilliant coders even began studying at the age of 5 or 6. If youngsters are taught to reason and develop a problem-solving attitude, they will be able to comprehend challenging ideas from code later in life. Even if students decide to abandon coding later in life, the ability to understand basic technical principles will be helpful in the future.

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