Which mattress is used in 5 star hotels?


There are many factors that make a hotel quality such as good food service, quality facilities, internet connection, air conditioning, customer service, recreational spaces, location and one of the most important bed. If you are looking for hotel mattresses, like bob o pedic, you have come to the right place, we have made a small selection of 6 high-end mattresses used in some large hotels. Hotel bedding is quite specific and necessarily more expensive than the average. Good discovery of the best high-end mattresses. These mattresses are quite expensive; if you are looking for mattresses at low prices, discover our guide on mattresses for low budgets.

The comfort of a good mattress is one of the aspects most valued by guests who after a long day either on vacation or work want to rest comfortably. If you want to get the comfort of luxury hotel mattresses, read on!

Why are hotel mattresses so comfortable?

Hotel mattresses are a very important detail in every business, since hotels are reputed to have very comfortable mattresses. The luxury hotels in st louis mattresses are so comfortable, because they are of better quality and have all the existing sizes, in addition, the hotels invest in other important aspects. The entire rest system must be considered, that is, from the bases for beds, pillows and mattress so that everything gives good comfort and there is no bad combination of elements. The hotels face a great challenge to acquire as there are many types of customers, so they must adapt to all types of weights, heights and even transpiration.

What mattresses do they use in hotels?

If you are looking for different types of mattresses for hotels, at BestForYourHome, we have a perfect guide on a wide variety of high quality mattresses for both smaller hotels and 5 star hotels. It is very common for hotels to have antibacterial, anti-allergic, stain and flame retardant mattresses. This protects the mattress against a wide variety of microorganisms, formation of mites, fungi, liquids and insects. So what mattresses do 5-star hotels use? Mattress brands vary: Emma mattress, Wakefit , SleepyCat, Sleepyhead, Dreamzee, Springtek and Coir all offer unmatched comfort.

How long is the life of a hotel mattress and mattress care?

In hotel mattresses, it is important that they have a good cleaning system and they should protect the mattresses with cotton protectors that help prevent perspiration, which can also cause the appearance of mites. In addition, other protection time such as plastic could cause discomfort to the guest because of the noise he would make at bedtime. They must also be aspirated to prolong their life and ventilate the rooms. It is also recommended to turn the mattress at least every six months and change it in a period of 5 years, however, in BestForYourHome we have high quality mattresses with special materials and technologies to provide greater resistance and guarantee the duration of your mattresses in Good condition for up to 10 years. Here is a wide range of products to get the best mattresses and meet the needs of all types of hotel mattresses for your home so that you feel comfortable.

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