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A Portable Document Format, immediately called PDF, is the most widely used and trusted file format when documenting any work. We can view or edit all PDF files but editing PDF files is not too easy. You can find several tools available in the chrome browser to edit PDF files. 

But when you have an editor, especially for PDF files with advanced features, which will be very easy to edit. 

It’s practically worrying about trying & swimming through the best PDF editor for Chrome. So, instead of trying to follow the trial and error, approach and download every single last one let’s do the work for you.

However, it is very important to have the best chrome PDF editor for editing PDF documents.

3 Best Chrome PDF Editors

If you’re a Chrome user, there are several extensions and applications that are quite useful. From viewing and editing to combining and dividing, there is a PDF tool here for almost everything you need.

Here we have to help you to find the best for what you need, we have highlighted the 3 best PDF editors for chrome extension

1 Kofax Power PDF – Best PDF Editor For Chrome 

Kofax Power PDF is a productivity software designed to help businesses of all sizes of creating, change, compile, and share PDF files. If we need to choose the best chrome PDF editor then Kofax Power PDF is the top first choice. This platform allows managers to eSign and applies bates to access throughout the document. Especially, there are two application versions. 

First is the standard version, which is called Kofax Power PDF, and a more professional version known as Kofax Power PDF Advanced offers several additional features. Use this Kofax Power PDF discount coupon and get this software at a budget-friendly price.  Kofax Power PDF has an advanced and instinctive UI. 

This gives the user a pleasant and smooth user experience and it gives extra business protection. Apart from PDF editor the company also provides PaperPort which helps in maintaining your all documents do not forget to apply the Kofax PaperPort discount coupon while making a purchase.

Features Of Kofax Power PDF

  • TouchScreen Optimization
  • Digital Signature
  • Watermarking
  • Merge/Apple files
  • Encryption

2 Lumin PDF – Best PDF Editor For Chromebook

Lumin PDF is an online best PDF editor for chrome that looks beautiful. This can be installed for the Chrome Web Store and add the icon to the launcher of your application that opens the application in the chrome browser window.

You can also share PDF files directly and the best part is that everything can be done in real-time. Lumin PDF automatically works with Gmail and Google Drive, it allows you to view your email file or attachment without downloading it.

Features Of Lumin PDF

  • Highlighting and underlining text
  • The ability to erase blocks or test
  • Add digital signatures
  • Rotate and remove individual pages
  • Draw lines and shapes

3 Kami – Best PDF Editor Chrome Extension

Kami is a powerful PDF tool that allows users to view, share, annotate and share documents using the drag & drop feature. Kami PDF editor for Chrome that is available both as an extension and as an app for chrome. 

As for annotations and transforming any documents, I want to mention the World’s #1 PDF editor for chrome and classroom tool – Kami. With this tool, you can create and change documents, PDFs, images, or other learning resources to an interactive learning environment. 

Features Of Kami

  • Split and Merge document
  • Integration with Learning Management System
  • Mobile Access
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Academic/Education

Final Conclusion

This article we have provides you with the 3 best chrome PDF editors that you can try out in 2022. There are also very suitable PDF editors for chrome. So, you can choose according to your needs and get a better editing experience. 

If anyone of the PDF editors is using the above Chrome PDFs then it is a profitable deal for all the users. 

Frequently Asked Questions- Best Chrome PDF Editor

Q Does Google Chrome have a free PDF editor?

Google Chrome doesn’t have a free PDF editor, but you can add the PDF editing feature using chrome extension. 

Q What is the best PDF editor for Google Chrome?

Although this is a completely subjective question, we personally recommend Kofax Power PDF or your editing needs. It’s very high quality, has all the tools you need, and has a friendly simple interface to work.

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