Everything You Need To Know About Launching A Peer-to-peer Lending Operation


A peer-to-peer or P2P lending platform provides an easy way to lend and borrow money for short term requirements, such as buying home appliances, electronics goods, travel expenses, medical emergency, or home renovation. 

Why Choose A Peer-to-Peer Lending System?

It is a loan servicing software that is more convenient in comparison to the traditional method of getting a loan from banks or NBFCs. In this process, everything is done swiftly with fast loan approval and disbursement. That is why several financial organizations are now implementing P2P lending platforms to provide a secured loan facility.

In this digital age, peer-to-peer lending platforms are making a considerable impression on people, especially on millennials. Through this system, it has become quite smooth to access personal loans, without getting delayed or involved in complicated paperwork. 

RBI Regulated Platforms

The best part of these platforms is that they are RBI regulated. In October 2017, RBI mandated that special licenses for all P2P platforms to continue their services and operations. Any new platform holder now must get a provisional NBFC-P2P license from RBI before getting started. This, in turn, assures that the platforms receive a license from the regulatory board.

Launching a Peer-to-Peer Platform

The six key points to remember while launching a P2P platform are as follows:

  • Asset evaluation and business model sketching

The first step is to evaluate the business idea you have in your mind and then conduct deep analysis. It is always advisable to control the risks of starting a new project by testing it on a small scale. That way, you can evaluate the entire operation and how it benefits the potential target audience. Make sure you gain prior knowledge of such platforms from other launchers. 

  • Think about the value proposition

There are lots of P2P platforms, and the competition is fierce. So, why would a customer pick your service over others’? This is the first question you have to ask yourself before starting the project. You have to keep in mind that the service you are providing should be customer-centric. For this, you need to do thorough market research and understand the demand of the customer. You should be able to find the USP of your service to make it stand out in the market.  

To offer the best and most impressive products, you should compete effectively. Know your niche and target our customer accordingly to gain success.

  • Credit history and score data

One of the most beneficial aspects of P2P loan software is that it can accurately work on the credit review process. For faster loan approvals, such platforms need to determine the loan applicant’s credit history. With the help of peer-to-peer software, lenders use credit scoring techniques to evaluate the borrower’s credit history. That way, a lender can avoid risks of lending to an unreliable loan-taker.

  • Efficient technology platform

The tasks involved in a P2P loan servicing software require exclusive featured technology. The software must work at a fast speed and with accuracy. Along with that, cybersecurity must be ensured. 

Lenders can either build their very own platforms from scratch or buy one from a vendor. No matter which platform you choose, it has to be scalable and flexible. 

  • Regulatory compliance is essential

When you create a platform, it must be regulatory-compliant. One could be an individual lender or a bank or even NBFCs. Depending upon the type of business origin, you must follow the regulatory rules and laws. Also, the platforms have to comply with the basic internet rules and those of cybersecurity.

  • Target-oriented marketing plan 

Both investors and borrowers are essential parts of the business. It is, therefore, necessary to plan the business keeping in mind the importance of both the participants. This is because you cannot make a deal and close it without the other. Both parties are essential. So make sure you have the right plan to attract both borrowers and investors to your platform.

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