The Importance of Physical Activity during COVID-19


Staying physically active has many rewards. It helps fight depression, anxiety, stress, and other mental health concerns. Other than that, it aids in keeping you away from chronic health conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease.

Because of the coronavirus, the closure of gyms, social distancing regulations, and shelter-in-place orders, people find it challenging to exercise. Most people think that exercising is more of a “have to” than a “want to.”

The Value of Staying Physically Active

 Being stuck at home with a restricted routine during this pandemic makes it hard to find any motivation to get physically active. The problems posed by a remote work setup and minimal access to fitness facilities make it difficult to stick to one’s routine.

People miss the collaborative relationship in the gym, the soothing swimming laps, and the lively interactions during group hikes or trails. Without a motivating gym instructor, most people cannot cope with the ferocity of working out independently.

Also, staying physically active appears to be less of a priority since many people are struggling financially and are out of jobs. What most of us don’t realize is that even a little exercise can have a positive impact on our overall mental and physical health.

Though staying physically fit will not make you completely immune to the virus, it helps lessen the likelihood of you succumbing to it. When you engage your body in any physical activity, it releases endorphins, hormones responsible for energizing your body and mind.

With regular moderate exercise, not only will you bolster your body’s defenses, but you also improve your mood and get a good night’s sleep. Exercising is a great way to divert oneself from unhealthy coping mechanisms such as overeating and drinking.

Home Gyms vs. Gym Memberships

Many fitness enthusiasts turn to DIY home gym solutions to cope with social distancing. As the days and months roll by, more and more citizens have entertained the idea of working out at homes.

Before the pandemic, several people already preferred building gyms at home rather than signing up for another gym membership. Home gyms are not only convenient but also let you get your money’s worth in the long haul. All you need are the right space, discount steel for building the structure, and essential gym gear.

Even when you plan on creating an elaborate home gym, you save more than 50 percent of the money you spend on paying five years’ worth of premium gym membership. Also, by building your home gym, you can personalize it according to your desired workout plan. It allows you to curb inessential equipment.

Pointers for Setting Up a Home Gym

Before you go ahead and purchase yoga mats, free weights, and other gym equipment, consider what type of workout you need during this pandemic. That way, you save yourself from splurging on unnecessary home gym items.

  • Select the right space for your home gym. Not everyone is lucky to have a spare room that can be converted to a home gym. Nonetheless, the primary consideration when choosing a space for your home workout is that, at the very least, there is enough room for a yoga mat for your core exercises and stretching. The Privateers Garage has everything you need for a garage gym.
  • Find the right workout equipment. You do not need to purchase expensive equipment to stay fit. You can find cheap but good gym gear. The equipment you purchase should cover your cardio, strength, and recovery exercises.
  • Consider your storage space. Most people nowadays prefer minimalist workout spaces. The key to achieving them is to create store all workout equipment in a small area. Several products on Amazon can help you make your storage plan.

Workout Trends Beyond COVID-19

A survey by Beachbody shows that nine out of ten people who work out regularly are in favor of continuing their home exercise routines even after the pandemic. At-home fitness has the ease and convenience that no commercial fitness could offer.

Although the pandemic has changed quite many things for people, it does not mean it will close all gyms and other fitness studios. Several fitness clubs are turning to digital solutions to cater to the needs of people for a flexible workout routine.

Furthermore, people feel the need to socialize with their fellow human beings. Gyms, fitness studios, and centers offer the best opportunity for meeting new people and creating lasting friendships or relationships. Brick-and-mortar gym establishments will continue to play a vital role in one’s fitness routine.

As most consumers realize the efficacy of home workouts, the future holds an increased fusion of physical gyms and virtual workout routines.

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