What Main Advantages are associated with Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?


Breast Augmentation by transfer of own fat is a surgical intervention in which from a liposuction the excess fat is extracted and purified from a part of the body – normally the abdomen, thighs or sides – to inject it into the breasts; in such a way that with the same intervention it is possible to eliminate the excess fat.

Enter the advantages of the increase with own fat we can highlight:

  • No artificial material is used. The procedure uses body fat itself instead of breast prostheses.
  • A more natural look and feel is achieved than with silicone or saline, which are the materials with which breast implants are filled.
  • Using the body fat itself eliminates some of the complications that breast implants can cause, such as capsular contracture (formation of a capsule around the breast implant that is sometimes visible and painful), undulation and infection or failure of the implant, among others.
  • Fat cells are living cells that produce many proteins improving the texture, flexibility and health of the skin.
  • Although in recent years great advances have been made to minimize the scars of breast augmentation, such as the placement of incisions in discrete places, with the increase in fat the scar is completely invisible to the untrained eye.
  • The patient does not have to worry about the rupture of the implant or its replacement.
  • Although implants of many shapes and sizes exist today, the increase through fat transfer offers more flexibility; The amount and location of fat adapt to the wishes and needs of each patient.
  • Last but not least, it is a procedure that allows patients to eliminate unwanted fat from different areas of the body. Experts like Breast Augmentation Huntington Beach CA provide this surgery.

Can fat transfer be combined with implants?

The combination of fat transfer breast augmentation with breast implants is a good option in certain cases. In such cases, the implant is placed below the muscle (submuscular placement). When both techniques are combined, the fat often acts as a contouring agent to help better control the shape and position of the chest, effectively filling the gaps that the implant cannot cover and improving the volume.

Many plastic surgeons consider 24 Hour Breast Augmentation NYC as an ideal option for thin patients who need an increase in volume in some areas such as the upper pole (the area of the breast above the implant). The implant allows achieving larger volumes and the fat achieves smoother contours in patients with thinner subcutaneous tissue (fat). In addition, the addition of fat can make the implant appear more natural, improving the shape of the breast. Fat transfer can also be used after breast augmentation with implants to correct breast asymmetries, as well as to improve specific areas of the breast such as the neckline. Experts who do Fat Transfer in Las Vegas, NV can give you more guidance.

Other factors that affect the viability of fat cells in fat transfer breast augmentation are the method used for the extraction, the injection technique, the volume, in addition to the characteristics of the patient’s own anatomy as the healing ability or the existence of previous asymmetries in the breasts. You also have to keep in mind that the aging process does not stop; the shape of the breasts continues to change, they fall out, and they may need additional procedures in the future. You can consult experts who do Breast Lift in Rosemont,IL for additional guidance.

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