Which Type Of Window Shutters Look Good For Your Bedroom?


Who doesn’t want to have a beautifully designed home! The type of home we have represents our mood and character. Why is the children’s room decorated with pastels and ours have a classy vibe? Why is the reading room little shady and the makeup room with vibrant light colors? Because they represent the theme of the room. Just like the colors, the doors, ceilings, window panels represent and contribute to a vital part of the decoration of our home. And, we bet no one wants to compromise over there. There are custom window shutters which look excellent. You may also like having a Rolling Shutters Installation as they suit the bedroom well. Let us also see here a few suggestions regarding which window panel would probably suit your room.

1) Louvered Shutter

When a series of wood slats are overlapping on each other and sharing the same frame, it is considered as Louvered Shutter. If you want your home to have a country-like look, you can go for this shutter as they have a very detailed design in them. Usually, the size of the louver is from 1.25″ to 4.5″, but you can always choose the width of the individual panels of the shutter and get your customized ones. The custom shutters Londonlook good in rooms.

2)  Raised Panel

These shutters have box-like designs along with rectangular shapes which are placed in a series, and they stand apart from the entire frame. Have you noticed the cabinets in the kitchen? This almost looks like it.

3) Shaker

The shaker also resembles the raised panel shutters, except the entire body is flat in this type of the panel. The recessed indentations are placed in a series which develop a rectangular shape and gives it a detailed and beautiful look. You can have the shutter both in the interiors and exterior. I’m also a big lover of window shutters and have used Shutters Design before as they do wonderful installations. So, give them a call if you’d love some great shutters for your windows.

4) Plantation Shutter

These shutters look very classy and elegant due to their design. There are angled slats which are placed in the shutter at some periodic intervals. These shutters are also good to be set if you want some light inside your room. They are usually installed in the interior of the room. There are also adjustable features in it which can help you decide the amount of light that you would like to be inside the room.

5) Board and Batten Shutter

There are a series of wooden boards which are connected through the battens. The battens are the crosspieces that are extended over the boards. If you want the panels to be shaped according to your windows, you can have this option because it is very easily customizable. You can create a very classy and rustic look from this shutter.

6) Scandinavian Shutter

These kinds of window shutters have a board and batten shape which is designed carefully with cutouts. They are a little bit thicker, so if you are living somewhere with harsh weather conditions, you can shut them and live happily inside. They also cover the entire window, and they are usually placed outside.

These are some of the window shutters which you can use in your room to make it look even more decorated and stylish. Depending on your choice, you can place any one of them, and it will look mesmerizing.

They’re a great space-saving option

We all want to make our homes appear bigger and a great way to create the illusion of space is with window shutters. Because this type of window dressing fits into the window recess, there is no protrusion into your room. Curtains on the other hand are often fitted on the outside of the window recess which is particularly noticeable with bay windows.

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