10 Ways to Bring a New Color into Your Kitchen


Colors can bring a new life to a kitchen, and using the right colors is the key to make it awesome. The brightness and colors of any space become fade and dull over time, and the kitchen is no exception. If the paint of the walls in your kitchen looks dull, it’s time to hire Commercial Painting company to paint it now.

Homeowners don’t need a complete remodel to spruce up your kitchen unless they want to replace some major elements like tiles or flooring. If you plan to replace the flooring in your kitchen, you may consider purchasing shell stone tile for sale. Making the required repairs and painting the walls with a beautiful color is enough to give it a makeover.

Enhance your kitchen refurbishment with the timeless elegance of Quartz Worktops in Cheshire, seamlessly blending durability and aesthetic appeal to elevate your culinary space. These sophisticated surfaces not only elevate the overall design but also provide a resilient and low-maintenance solution for a stylish and functional kitchen makeover. For the best Quartz Worktops Cheshire, come to us!

However, people make a lot of mistakes while painting their kitchen with new colors. It is essential to know the dos and don’ts to make paint a kitchen with precision. Let’s check some best ways to add colors to your kitchen. For kitchen supplies, check out this stainless steel sinks website in Auckland, NZ, for affordable prices

Create a Plan


An essential step to having success in any task is to create a plan, and adding color to the kitchen also needs a plan. You need to recognize whether your cabinets and walls will benefit from color or not. You need to paint your cabinets and walls in different colors to make a beautiful contrast. Moreover, you should also think of the overall color theme that you want to create in your kitchen.

Cool Vs. Warm Colors

You should understand the difference between cool and warm colors. You should be able to recognize the warm and cool colors. These Painters Grand Prairie know the difference and can even help you choose the right colors for your kitchen walls and cabinets.

Paint a pop of color

A quick layer of paint is one of the easiest and simple way to brighten a dull kitchen. You should not try to paint the kitchen in one bright color as it can make it look smaller. Instead, search for Intumescent Coating Near Me and let the professionals add a pop of color on a feature wall and add bold accents. It’s a great way to style up any space in your house.

Add Accessories

And if you are a wine aficionado or connoisseur, there are types of wine cabinets that you may want to add to your kitchen. This wine cabinet is a piece of furniture that stores and preserves wine in the most appropriate conditions to preserve its quality, whether it be for short-term wine storage or long-term wine storage.


Many people underestimate the impact that accessories can have on space. The easiest and most cost-effective way to add your personality to the kitchen is through colorful accents. Keep the base neutral, that means your appliances, benchtop, curtains, and a layer of bright accessories. Think of the bright linens, the fruit bowls, and the water jugs.

Use Wall Decals

Wall decals aren’t just for sports fans — they’re also for style enthusiasts. They deliver hundreds of images influenced by nature, pop art, and retro fashion. All you need is masking tape, a buddy to help hold the decal in place, and the squeegee included with the package to be applied directly to your wall.

Kitchen appliances

Investing in a vibrant appliance is a fun, modern way to add color to your kitchen. While this is more of a splurge choice, it’s a statement piece that you can have for many years. Choose a retro toaster or refrigerator in red, blue, green or, yellow depending on your choice and it is sure to catch attention. 

Kitchenware companies are getting pretty creative with their appliances these days, and you can add a pop of color to your kitchen in unexpected places. We are particularly struck by sinks in clear, vibrant blues and sleek ovens with colorful interiors. Learn about the benefits of having a wine storage cabinet and buy one now if you love wine.

Create a Backsplash


In traditional kitchen design, the stove and kitchen area are usually the main focus of the house, which means that they are often the first thing people notice when they walk in. A fun way to make a bright statement in your kitchen is with your backsplash.

There are multiple materials available that can match your style–a glass backsplash, bright color is easy to use and clean whenever you need. And choose from colorful tiles with imaginative designs or an unusual cut–the hexagon form is currently the hottest tile trend.

Window Treatment

A new window treatment can drastically change the look of the entire kitchen, particularly if you pair it in the same color with just one prominent accessory. Vases and bowls can complement the red shade, that you might also be able to harmonize with your red toaster or yellow mixer.

Accent Doors

Two-tone cabinets are still a big kitchen trend — and a great way to add some color without being fully engaged. Using a colorful door option for just a few cabinets, such as a stretch of the uppers, brings a boost of interest without overwhelming the entire room. If you have existing doors in good condition, you can have just a few of them painted in any shade you can imagine, from a classic navy to a risky orange, and have them painted again in 5 or 10 years if the taste changes.


Most homeowners think that the only choice for wall finishing in the kitchen is tile or paint. However, you can also use wallpapers (such as the textured wallpapers by Designers Guild) as alternative to paint and tiles. 

There are a number of waterproof wallpapers that are safe for kitchen, or you can use a wallpaper with a small backsplash to avoid the risk of water splashes. Either way, a colorful wallpaper will bring a dose of color and an energizing pattern to the kitchen, either as an all-over treatment or as a single accent wall.


These are some ways to add beautiful colors to your kitchen. Adding colors is not limited to wall paints and painting the cabinets. Creating a backsplash or painting an accent wall can create a beautiful background for everything in the kitchen. Accent doors and colorful appliances can help add various colors to your kitchen. However, you should limit yourself to three or four colors as multiple colors may add clutter. Three to four colors are sufficient to have a variety and fun in your space. If you plan to repaint the walls, doors, and cabinets, you must do it by hiring professionals like residential painters Allambie. Hiring professionals to do the job ensures high-quality work to spread colors in your kitchen.

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