Why Fall Prevention Is Essential on Construction Sites


Fall prevention is one of the most important aspects of construction site safety. When considering why this is, it is important to be aware of the fact that falling is the leading cause of construction site fatalities. 

Approximately one-third of all construction site deaths occur because a worker has fallen from a height. In 2018 alone, this accounted for 320 deaths across the US.

Working from height is generally defined as being more than six feet above the ground. Whenever a person is working from above this height, then they are at risk of injury or death if they should fall.┬áThat’s why it is really vital to consider getting a roof anchor load testing and certification from reliable providers.

How to Prevent Falls

There are a number of different actions that must be taken in order to prevent a worker from falling on a construction site.  

First of all, all of the risks must be investigated and documented. Once all of these risks have then been assessed and understood, a plan must be drawn up to minimize these risks. It is not always possible to completely protect against falls, but it is important to do as much as is practical, for more be sure to try here.

Secondly, the appropriate equipment must be obtained before a job begins. All safety equipment for fall prevention must be in place before any work from height commences. In addition, proper work gear including welding helmets, boots, etc. should be provided for all workers.

Budget for the Best Equipment

When planning a construction project, it is important to factor the cost of high-quality safety materials into the budget. 

If costs have to be cut for some reason, then it is essential that the safety budget is not impacted by this. 

For the best safety protection equipment and advice, visit oxfordsafety.co.uk. Here you will find an innovative range of fall prevention solutions that will help to keep your workers safe.

Common Hazards

There is no avoiding the fact that construction sites can be dangerous places. This is often still the case when the utmost safety measures and precautions have been taken. 

Common hazards that could cause a person to fall include:

  • Moving objects
  • Slippery surfaces
  • Collapsing surfaces
  • Tripping over an unexpected item
  • Electric shock

If a person encounters any of these hazards while working at height, then they could experience a very harmful fall. This could result in a life-changing injury, disability, or death.

Although it is not possible to eradicate these hazards from a construction site entirely, all workers can play their part in ensuring the hazards are mitigated. This involves following all of the health and safety guidelines as set out by the site manager. Many of the common construction hazards can also be contained or avoided if proper construction OSHA training is provided.

Staying Safe at Work

Everyone has the right to a safe working environment. The impact of serious injury can be long-term and incredibly damaging. A person who finds themselves in this situation might never fully recover from the experience, both physically and mentally. 

Health and safety laws exists to help prevent accidents and injuries at work. This means all employees should be able to do their jobs in a safe and secure way. Flouting these laws can quickly lead to a serious issue in the workplace and can also amount to legal repercussions for those in charge. Employees must be aware that seeking the services of work related accident lawyers is crucial if they are injured at work.

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