Gateway Green Apartment: Best Property of Gateway Green Community


Gateway Green Apartments, nestled in the thriving Gateway Green community of Forest Lake, redefine the pinnacle of luxury living. These newly established residences exemplify the meticulous approach to services such as apartment refurbishment Cyprus, showcasing a blend of sophisticated design and cutting-edge smart features. With two distinctive buildings, each housing an array of units, the apartments offer a diverse selection of styles and layouts. Whether it’s the chic 1BHK or the expansive 3BHK, Gateway Green Apartments present an unparalleled collection tailored to cater to a variety of lifestyle preferences.

Smart Features 

Gateway green apartments comprise all smart features and designed in such a manner that the entire housing unit can be accessed over the remote control. Apart from that, this apartment has open-concept kitchens, stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, Audacity luxury vinyl plank flooring, vinyl siding, and shaker style cabinets. Two building consisting of three floors that are connected with an elevator. This apartment has solar panel connectivity and also offers some special features to its residents, such as fitness & recreation center, game room, pet wash, community hall, open space, and an underground parking garage. 

The location of this apartment is nearer to local shops and restaurants. And the Gateway Green apartments have easy access to IT hubs and hospitals and also green energy with the best solar power for homes from sites like The transportation facility from this apartment is also very convenient. Residing in this apartment is very safe as it has 24hr. Security, along with CCTV connectivity at each corner of the apartment. It also offers power backup, 24hr water supply system to the residents. 

Floor Planning 

When it comes to designing and planning, both the building of this apartment is earthquake protected. The bedrooms and living rooms of each housing unit are very spacious, and interiors are designed with proper planning. Kitchens of each housing are designed with an open concept that has stainless less bowl sink, stainless steel hardware, stainless steel appliances, and black granite. And the bathrooms are having all quality fixtures and ceramic tiles. All the bedrooms have a separate point for TV and telephones. The roofing of the apartments is professionally installed by experts, such as angus roofers, ensuring durability and reliability.

Pricing details of Gateway Green Apartment for rent purpose 

As this apartment has different types of housing units, the price option for each flat is also varying.


Basically, these types of flats are planned over 669sqft. Area and has 1bedroom, 1bathroom, and kitchen in it. the price option for 1BHK varies from $1,267 – $1,313 per month.


These types of flats are 2bedrooms, 2bathrooms, and 1kitchen. Some 2BHK is designed over 1,029 sq. Ft. area, and some are over 1,035 sq. Ft. area. According to the area, the price option also varies from $1493 to $1583 per month. 


These types of apartments are having 3bedrooms, 2bathrooms, and one kitchen that are located over 1194sq.ft area, and the price ranges from $1,745 to $1,794 per month. 

Gateway Green apartments are just the best place for having the experience of a high lifestyle. While taking the apartments for a 12-month lease, you will be given a special offer, and the rent of the first half month will cost you nothing. But if you want an extra parking lot, you need to pay $50 for that. 

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