Four Ways to Declutter During Lockdown


Many people across the world are spending more time in their homes than ever before as a result of the lockdown that’s been enforced since the coronavirus crisis. Even as the lockdown restrictions ease, there’s still a reluctance from businesses and the vulnerable to head outside, while the virus still roams the streets. 

In this article, you’ll learn how to refocus on your home by finding ways to declutter and get rid of the extra belongings that you no longer have a use for. Read on to get your decluttering mission off to a great start. I found a cheap dumpster rental near me in Sacramento if you need one during the said mission.


Before you choose to declutter your home, you need to take an overview of all the items that you’re considering getting rid of. You need to think about whether you’d use any of these items in the future, and if so, whether you’d like to keep them in a storage unit instead of getting them rehomed or removed. If you would like to store your items for the future, consider purchasing or renting a storage space in a local facility to declutter your home without losing prized possessions you might like to make use of in the future.


Another option for your excess items — the ones that you’re sure you wouldn’t like to keep for the future — is to rehome them. This is essentially a form of recycling where you’ll advertise your wares online using the likes of Gumtree, eBay or Craigslist. This allows you to have a consumer pick up your unwanted goods from your home. Often, you can make a little cash out of your unwanted goods by selling them online. But, if you’re desperate to just declutter your home, you can also give away old furniture and belongings for free to the first individual who comes back to you.


Other home items may be beyond repair or unlikely to find a buyer, or you may even find someone who’ll take the item off your hands for free. In these cases, you’re going to need to get yourself down to the scrap yard. The problem, for many, is that their vehicles are too small, or their scrap yard is too far away for them to adequately make the journeys to get rid of the household goods they no longer require. This is where you should use dumpster rentals or use a Yard Waste Dumpster to dispose unwanted goods.

It is important that proper waste disposal methods, such as garbage disposals and other waste types, are available as it makes recycling much easier for users to understand and for companies, such to organise. Visit Garbage Fix to learn more.

Savvy Interior Design 

Finally, sometimes clutter builds up in a way that a simple rehash of your interior design might change for the better. If you’re concerned about how your home looks and you’re keen to make it cleaner and simpler on the inside, it may be time to think hard about how you can reorganize your home to reflect the clean and minimalist aesthetic that you’re aiming for. Make sure that you tidy and clean your home regularly to remove clutter from your rooms and reorganize your home around your values.

These four tips will help you declutter your home during lockdown, making it a space you’re more comfortable in for the next months and years.

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