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villas on rent in goa near candolim beach

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  • Terra Rosa

Terra Rosa is located on Chorao Island, one of Goa’s best-kept secrets, and features remnants of Portuguese-inspired architecture throughout the residence. This Goa mansion, built in the late 1800s, features antique furnishings, traditional verandahs, and a courtyard indoors. On the sunny side of the building, you’ll find inviting grass maintained with athe best commercial walk behind mower, dotted with mango and Chico trees, as well as a swimming pool and a sundeck. If you have a tree in need of removal, a good services like this Rich’s Tree Service company here is more than happy to help you!

  • Ashore

Imagine your dream Goan vacation: a beachfront villa with a private infinity pool overlooking the gentle lapping of the waves and a gentle breeze. Ashore by Vista can help you turn your dream into a reality. 

Elegant and luxurious, this Goa property is nestled among beautiful scenery and a secluded stretch of the Goan coastline. There’s also a mini-theatre and hot room in there, as well as a sky bar, making this a truly luxurious retreat. Villa on rent in goa Calangute Candolim is a better choice.

  • Villa Kinara

In keeping with the classic Goan atmosphere, the shack-like exteriors of Villa Kinara seamlessly combine with the modern and opulent interiors, ensuring comfort. It’s located in the quiet hamlet of Reis Magos, Bardez, on the water’s edge. With an infinity pool and an outside dining area where you can enjoy meals in magnificent scenery, this holiday home is a unique haven.

  • Orabella Villas & Suites

A villa near the beach is one of the most excellent options for anyone visiting Goa, and this is one of the villas on rent in Goa Calangute Candolim. 

The Calangute beach is just a short 100-meter walk from this home! If you’d instead take a late-night stroll by the beach with your significant other or slip on your running shoes for an early morning jog, you have that option as well.

  • Joystreet Bliss

The lovely Joystreet Bliss villas are perfect for a romantic retreat with your significant other or a relaxing family vacation north of Goa.

Luxury boutique villas in the Mediterranean style are highly demanded because of the five-star services and attractive décor. The lovely Vagator beach is within a 15-minute drive from here.

  • Budh Villa

This beautiful four-bedroom home, located just 700 meters from Calangute Beach, is the perfect place for guests to unwind. This villa’s one-of-a-kind open shower experience protects your privacy while also providing a unique experience.

  • Vista Palma

It’s a tropical haven in the middle of Goa’s burgeoning tourism industry, with lush green lawns, towering coconut trees, which they maintain through tree trimming services, and an abundance of scented flowers. This private villa is both an excellent desire and a good break from the outside world. 

In addition to a private pool, this extraordinary residence features a separate yoga shala, a massage room, and a gym with all the latest equipment. If you decide to go out of your calm retreat, the beach is only a short walk away.


These are the best Goa Calangute Candolim villas for rent.

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